How to make a Shulker Box in Minecraft

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There are many different items and tools to craft in Minecraft. There are a great many items that have boons and bonuses for the player. There are also incredibly useful items added in the Aquatic update that players can make great use of. One of the more interesting new items is the Shulker Box in Minecraft.

The Shulker Box in Minecraft is basically a more customizable chest. Unlike normal wood chests, all 16 basic dye colors can be used to alter the color of a Shulker Box. Their most useful function is its storage. When you place items inside the Box, they will stay inside, even if you break it. With normal chests, all the items spill out onto the ground if you break it. This means you can use them as extra storage space that can easily be moved around and transported.

You can string together some pretty advanced machinery as the box can use Hoppers and other items to automate item movement and crafting. The Shulker Box in Minecraft can even carry a Redstone signal, so feel free to get pretty creative with your designs.

How to make a Shulker Box in Minecraft

When constructing this item, you first need to find Shulker Shells. To get them, you need to take out as many Shulkers as you can find. Bring along a weapon with at least Looting III to up the normal drop from 1 Shell to as many as 4, depending on your luck. The Shulkers hide inside their boxes to blend in with surrounding purpur blocks, found exclusively in end cities. Look for the blocks with the squiggly design on the edges to identify a Shulker in hiding.

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When making a shulker box, it is important that the shulker shells and chest are placed in the right places. You need to use the center column of the crafting grid within the crafting table. Place the first Shulker Shell in the top slot, with the chest in the middle, and the second shell beneath the chest. Use the image below to see the exact layout.

How to make a Shulker Box in Minecraft

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