What the heck is the Ascendant Lens in Destiny 2?

Guide to the Ascendant Lens in Destiny 2

A new collectible is the Ascendant Lens in Destiny 2, but it’s kind of mysterious. No one seems to know what the heck this thing is. The Ascendant lens is a special item, but it’s unclear what it actually does. So far, we know how to get it. It’s a new secret buried within the most recent content update, so let’s talk about it.

What does Ascendant Lens do?

The Ascendant Lens’ description states,  “A focusing lens from the Dreaming City through which the Ascendant Plan can sometimes be seen…”. This led many players to suspect some kind of deeper connection to the lore, possibly the magnificent Dreaming City. That doesn’t appear to be the case yet. The completion of a certain repetitious task will award the player the unique collectible, but it doesn’t appear to have a use. Bungie may change things later, but for now, it just appears to be a basic trophy.

There could be other lore connections as well, such as the Ascendant Plane. The Ascendant Plane is a Throne World, home to Hiraks, the Mindbender, and it’s a realm of wondrous power. Although since the Plane is already linked to the Tangled Shore and not directly to the Dreaming City, that may not be the link we’re after. In short, until Bungie decides to do something with it, the item has no use.

How to get the Ascendant Lens?

Getting the Ascendant Lens is never going to be easy, you’re in for a grind. You’re first going to need a total of 45 Cipher Decoders and use them to unlock chests. The new Festival of the Lost event has a mode wherein you use Decoders to open chests for interesting loot, including the Braytech Werewolf Autorifle.

Cipher Decoders are random drops from completing activities in the game, so you’re going to be doing a lot of playing if you want this item. You need to take those 45 Decoders and open 45 Chests within the Festival of the Lost content. That means a bunch of runs. Assuming you can use five keys per run, you will need to do at least nine runs to get all the chests unlocked. After opening all 45 Chests, the players are handed the mysterious Ascendant Lens by Spider. You’ll need to make sure you have at least one open spot in your collectibles inventory to claim it, so keep that in mind. You can find Spider in the Tangled Shore.

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