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How to get Granum Crowns in Warframe

How to get Granum Crowns in Warframe

Granum Crowns in Warframe are a new resource added with the release of Deadlock Protocol today. Digital Extremes added the resource as part of the new questline around the new Warframe, Protea. Granum Crowns are used to unlock a new game mode wherein the player fights a series of Specters. Think like a mixture of the Relay boss fights and a horde mode, all in a new dimension.

There are three types of Granum Crowns in Warframe:

  • Granum Crown – get you access to Granum Void
  • Exemplar Granum Crown – gets you access to Extended Granum Void
  • Zenith Granum Crown – gets you access to Nightmare Granum Void

Granum Crowns have their own difficulty rating attached. The rarest ones are tied to the Nightmare versions of the new Void, offering a substantial challenge for tons of reward.

To get Granum Crowns in Warframe, you need to interact within the new Corpus Ship Tileset. The Crowns drop from the Treasurer mobs. The enemy will be marked on the map, kill them to drop the item. The Crown will not show up on the minimap unless it’s marked by a player.

Granum Void Mechanics

To open the Granum Void, you need to journey into the new Grineer Ship tileset and find the Golden Hand Tribute. The Golden Hand Tribute is placed randomly inside each mission. It can only be run once per mission, so be prepared to come in guns blazing. Check out the image below for an example of the Hand.

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The Golden Hand in Warframe

Aside from getting the Granum Crowns, you then have to contend with the Void itself. This is a limited time zone, and you have to defeat certain Specters to earn more time. Free Solaris captives using a Xoris to gain 20 seconds. Kill Errant Specters and collect Particles to gain 10 seconds.

There are three ranks within the Granum Void:

  • Rank 1: 25 Kills
  • Rank 2: 50 Kills
  • Rank 3: 75 Kills

The rewards stack based on what rank you get to. So getting to Rank 3 earns three rewards from the pool,


  • Protea Parts
  • Weapon Parts:
    • Stropha
    • Stahlta
    • Velox
  • Garnum Crown Decorations
  • Mortuus Shoulder Guard
  • New Captura Scenes that feature the newly Remastered Corpus Ship:
    • Corpus Ship Bridge Scene
    • Corpus Ship Hangar Scene
    • Corpus Ship Orbital Cannon Scene
  • Credit Caches
  • Void Traces
  • Endo
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