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DOOM Eternal will have a classic view option

DOOM Eternal Battle Mode Trailer 2

DOOM Eternal is promising to shake up the genre and the franchise as fair bit. Being powered by the id Tech 7 Engine, players can expect a lot more gore and bloodshed too. The game has a huge increase in the amount of on-screen effects as well, with as much as 10 times the volumetric detail of any other franchise entry. DOOM’s 2016 revival will look dated compared to this beauty at the highest detail settings. NVIDIA is also partnering with Bethesda to create a fully supported implementation of ray tracing in DOOM Eternal.

But just because it’s a new entry with snazzy new visuals, the developers are never going to abandon the classic fans who grew up playing these games. To stoke that nostalgia fire, Bethesda has announced that DOOM Eternal will support classic centered weapon position. In simple terms, this means that the FPS gameplay will feel a lot closer to the original games that featured much more linear level designs and simpler graphics, but the newest game is anything but simple, judging from what we’ve seen so far.

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The combat is much more bloody sure, but the overall gameplay loop is being refined to offer a much smoother feel to players. In essence, Bethesda wants to push the franchise forward and is attempting to somewhat redefine what a DOOM shooter really feels like when played. The game did get delayed this past October, so hopefully that extra time results in a better final product.

We’ve seen plenty of other footage of the game before, showing off various new and improved gameplay elements. DOOM Eternal will have a new asymmetrical Battle Mode, with players controlling either Slayers or demons in a fight to the death.

Check it out in the clip below. If you’re excited for this new game, let us know in the comments.

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