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Monster Hunter Rise’s Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration incoming Nov. 26

Monster Hunter Rise’s Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration incoming Nov. 26

Capcom loves its bizarre crossovers in their games. Particularly for Monster Hunter, the franchise features a lot of different events over the years. And now a new Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration is the latest run. This newest in-game event will bring about something new for the franchise. Sonic is an iconic gaming figure and seeing him in Monster Hunter is a bit unexpected. The event will begin in-game on November 26, and feature a new hunt. Players who complete it can earn cosmetics and layered armor for their gear.

The event quest added in the collab will include both new hunts and NPCs. Players will find that the core gameplay mechanic is centered around collecting rings. Those hardcore fans might notice “classical compositions” from the Sonic series being featured in the soundtrack. So if you love Sonic music, this is the event for you.

During the event, Hunters will be able to equip a “Sonic Wear” layered armor set. This will be joined by other alterations and cosmetics. Other additions include a bunch of new animations, for example, Palicos get a spin dash move. Palicos will also be able to equip a Sonic costume, just to look flash while they go fast.

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The developer also released a trailer showing this all off. Check out that trailer below. As an example of the aforementioned soundtrack, the trailer features a track from Sonic Adventure 2.

This is the latest of many different event quests in the Switch game.

Additionally, when Monster Hunter Rise arrives on PC in March of next year, this content will be available for PC players from day one. So you can get your Sonic fun there too. Some bad news for PC players is that there’s no crossplay or save porting in the PC version.

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