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Beyond Good and Evil 2 will see the return of Jade, have user-created content

Ubisoft is coming out the gate swinging at E3 2018, with the first game on show being Beyond Good and Evil 2.

And even though the game is a prequel to the cult classic, we’ll still get some fan service moments in this new game, the trailer Ubisoft released makes sure we all know that now. But it’s not just a continuation of the uniquely chaotic style and substance of the first game that Ubisoft want to maintain, there’s still some ground they want to break.

“Forever in the game industry, there has been a wall between players and developers. Today with this collaboration, we are breaking that wall,” said Beyond Good & Evil 2 senior producer Guillaume Brunier. “People can contribute to the game they love right now, and anyone can come.”

The developer is putting out a call to any fans of the franchise to submit art, songs and other creative endeavors that can be included in the final game. In a way, they want fans to have a hand in making the game that the casual gamer usually doesn’t have in big releases like this. Ubi plans to allow collaboration between developers and gamers via HitRecord to populate the game world with creativity and style in a whole new way. Check out the trailer for that collab below.

Check out the E3 trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 above. In that trailer we even get a glimpse of Jade, although things aren’t so cheery for her and the merry crew of rebels aboard your ship.

And despite the new trailers, we don’t have any info on release date for the game, sadly.

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