How to get stone in Rust

Stone and other resources in Rust, being a crafting and survival game, are very important. You need plenty of them to progress. As you get better tools and weapons, you need to also upgrade your base to produce better gear. Beware, some players will try to ransack your stuff, so you need to be prepared. Building stout walls and having powerful weapons is a good way to do that. One of the first upgrade tiers for stuff in the game is Stone. You’re going to need a lot of the stuff, so you will want to pay attention.

So, “how do you get stone?”, I hear you ask. Check out this guide to learn.

How to get stone in Rust

Once you find a larger rock, you will need to hit it with a tool of some kind. Any basic tools will work for this. If you have a pickaxe you can around 20 or so stone. If you just use a simple Rock to hit the larger rock, you can expect to get around 10 stones. The type of tool also matters, so using a metal pickaxe will get you more stones, mostly because it lasts longer than a basic version.

Check below for the image of the rock you’re looking for. You can find two different sources of stone in Rust. The larger rocks yield the most, but you need a collection tool of some kind. The larger rocks are rather obvious, but the smaller rocks are useful too. You just needed to pick these up to get some stone at the start. These smaller rocks yield around 50 stones each time you grab and process one.

Beyond hand gathering, you can also set up a Mining Quarry to automatically mine out a wider area for your larger base.

How to Build a Mining Quarry

You must start by planting a Survey Charge on the site you wish to place the Quarry onto. This will open up a pit in the ground which allows your quarry to operate. You will also need to consider what biome you’re placing the quarry in, as some biomes will yield certain resources. The survey charge will tell you what resources can be found in your chosen plot.

Here’s what you need to make the Survey charge:

  • 30 Gun Powder
  • 5 Cloth
  • 10 Metal Fragments
  • 20 Low-Grade Fuel
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You need to constantly supply the Quarry with Low-Grade Fuel, so be sure to have crafting pipelines set up to produce that before you get deep into the mining portion of Rust. Low-Grade Fuel can be refined from Crude Oil by using a Small Oil Refinery. One Crude Oil converts to 3 Low-Grade Fuel. There are also some recipes using Animal Fat and Cloth to make it, but only in small amounts. This is best reserved for other recipes.
That fuel can also be used in Generators and various vehicles.

Once you’re ready and have a supply of fuel, place the Fuel into the blue barrels that are part of the main quarry structure. You will then want to climb the ladder opposite the blue barrels to find the control panel. Pressing “E” on the control panel will allow to control and start/stop mining.

You can get the following items from the Mining Quarry, making it the best source for most metals and stones:

  • Stones
  • Metal Ore (Temperate biome only)
  • Sulfur Ore (Arid biome only)
  • High-Quality Metal Ore (Snow biome only)

What can you use stone for?

You can use stone to upgrade a variety of items and structures. The tools is a solid use for a small number of stones, but you will very quickly want to move into higher tiers. Metal tools are just better in every way. You can also expend far more resources on building your base, so save most of your resources for that.

The way structures in Rust work is that they have a variety of tiers. The stones in Rust can be used to upgrade structures to the Stone Tier. By using a Hammer of any kind on a structure, you can spend

Check below for the upgrade costs for the Stone Tier:

Upgrade Cost
Square Foundation 300
Triangle Foundation 150
Foundation Stairs 150
Square Floor 150
Triangle Floor 75
Wall 300
Half Wall 300
Low Wall 150
Doorway 210
Window 210
Wall Frame 150
Floor Frame 150
Stairs 300
Roof 300
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