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Overkill’s The Walking Dead introduces another character, Grant

Overkills The Walking Dead Grant

Overkill, the developer behind the PayDay franchise, has released another character intro trailer for their upcoming four player co-op title based in the universe of The Walking Dead.

Meet Grant, a grizzled and bitter old gramps whose fearlessness is matched only by his survival instinct. Apparently he likes spending time chatting to anyone who will listen about his old life, and I’m guessing things didn’t go to well with that granddaughter of his.

Grant’s just as comfortable chatting with the rotting undead as he is with anyone else, after he’s taken off their jaw, Michonne style, of course. The trailer ends with him being slowly surrounded by a growing horde, my guess is that one of the other characters will rush in to save his wrinkled behind.

If you want to meet the other characters in the game, rendezvous with Maya and Aidan. These three, and one unannounced final character, will be your team of four badasses as you trek across the ruins of Washington D.C. in a quest to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Check out the trailer below.

The Walking Dead from Overkill is due out on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One later in 2018.

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