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How to farm Repeller Systems in Warframe

How to farm Repeller Systems in Warframe

Repeller Systems in Warframe are yet another crafting element added to the game in the bevy of new and old content within the game. With all of the new tasks players are getting to take on, things are getting even more complicated. If you’re looking to craft various Amps for your Operator, as well as the new Gravimag and Gyromag enhancements as part of the Heists. Good for those interesting in this content is that getting Repeller Systems in Warframe is a pretty easy time. You’re likely to get the crafting resources at the same time as you’re farming other resources.

The mission is unlocked once you reach the rank of Old Mate with Solaris United. This unlocks the secret room near the back of the city that has Eudico inside of it. This quest chain is called the Profit Taker Heist, and it has multiple missions involved. The easiest one to complete is the second phase where you’re trying to steal the harmonic schema for the Profit Taker’s shield. This multi-step process involves jumping around Orb Valis and taking on some specific Corpus units at a certain point on the map.

The quest itself involves heading to the Enrichment Labs out in Orb Valis and going to the lowest floor. Once there, your targets are three Corpus Directors who guard the secrets. The Directors spawn in sequence and you have to kill the first one to get the second one to spawn and so on. The first one will spawn in the lowest level in the security room, usually located off by itself in a dead-end branch of the facility. The next Director will spawn towards the middle of the lab. The final target spawns in the main room of the Enrichment Labs.

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The next phase of the missions kicks off when you return topside and encounter two Terra Ambulas who have dropped in. Bring in some pals with long-range weapons like Sniper rifles to pick them off as they spawn for one thing. Players should also be focused on being mobile as speed to physically dodge incoming damage can help when brawling with these enemies.

Once the boss in this phase is down, they will drop the schematics and items you’re looking for, hopefully. If you’re lucky, you got the Repeller Systems in Warframe in one go. If not, head back to town and repeat the loop to farm the systems you need.

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