How to Commit Burglary in BitLife

How to become a CEO in BItLife

Criminal activities you can do in BitLife are pretty varied. Whether you want to just make some quick cash, or have higher aspirations, there’s a path through committing burglary in BitLife. If you’re looking to join the Mafia, you will need to build up your earning potential and criminal notoriety. Doing these home robberies is an easy way to do that.

You can commit a bunch of burglary in BitLife, even against the same home. You will note that at least four obstacles will be found in each puzzle. When you complete the puzzle, you will automatically sell any stolen items when you complete a successful heist, so don’t worry too much about that. Start by going to the Crimes tab under Activities to begin. From there, you can choose from a small list of target homes to go after. Each time you age up in a year, the list of homes will refresh. Each target will have different spoils based on the value of the home, so keep that in mind.

The puzzles are not that complex, basically amounting to a simple maze. These are very simple, but have some added complications. The goal is to move around quickly and find each of the scattered items. The more items you collect, the more you earn for cash. You can’t just take your time though, as you need to move very fast to avoid running out of time or being spotted. Check out the image below to see what kind of mini-game you’re in for.

How to burgle a home in BitLife

Completing these puzzles without getting caught is key to actually not getting caught, as you can’t be spotted. Move around the “house” and avoid being spotted by any occupants, be they humans or guard dogs. Every house you attempt to rob will have dogs inside, making things much more difficult to just breeze through.

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You will have to move through the house and pick up the high-value items you want. Avoid the owners and any guard dogs they have, and you should be OK. The better the job the target has, the harder it will be to get in unnoticed. So if you’re going after Lawyers, be prepared to be cautious and not try to take everything.

If you cross paths with any dogs, homeowners, or police officers while hunting for items to take, the mini-game ends and you get charged with the crime.

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