How to join the Mafia in BitLife

How to join the Mafia in BitLife

BitLife really is the ultimate life simulator. The mobile game will let you live out any number of digital lives with any number of different choices before you. You can become an airline pilot. You could also just be an angry mall Santa who spoils the hopes of kids. But there’s one special career that’s much darker than the others. You can now get into organized crime in the mobile game.

The criminal underworld of BitLife even has its own Mafias. When you want to join the Mafia in BitLife, you need to do some planning. The first thing you need to do is make sure you get through life and into adulthood with decent body and mind stats.

To start you need to focus on having OK stats. The better your Brain score is, the more reliably you can commit some complex crimes. When you become 18 years old, click on the “Occupation” tab, there will be a Special Careers category in that menu. Within that menu will be various specialized crimes you can commit.

As you get more criminal experience, things will start to populate that list. Eventually, you will see organized crime events start to pop up. Each time you’re living in a city, certain families may approach you to join. The names will be randomly generated but will be defined by a certain archetype.

Here are the six criminal empires you can join:

  • The Irish Mob
  • The Latin Mafia
  • The Mafia
  • The Russian Mob
  • The Triad
  • The Yakuza

Each family type has different tasks to complete, and you need to maintain a certain level of criminal notoriety to be in their ranks. As you become a more well-known criminal, your choices to join up and move up in that family goes up.

One of the fastest ways to get into the mafia is to go to prison for a major crime. To prep for this, you will want to invest in your martial arts skills until you max at least 1-2 of them out. This will give you some lethal moves in combat. That’s step one. Step two is getting in prison. Simply steal cars until you get caught, then plead guilty. Do this in the Crime menu until you’re caught.

Once you’re in prison, go onto the yard and attack someone. When chosen to use a move, aim your most lethal move at their head. If you manage to kill them, simply serve out your sentence. When you get out after a few years, go ask the family to join again. The amount of respect you earned by stealing cars and killing a scumbag in prison should get you in.

Go into the Crimes tab and commit crimes as you go through life. Be sure to start small and work your way up. The more complex crimes take a puzzle-solving component as well, so be prepared to learn the ins-and-outs of that stuff to get better. As you commit murders, rob banks and so much more, you build a rep as a criminal. The key is to not get caught as much as possible. Having a good reputation can improve your chances of getting into a family.

How to increase Notoriety in the Mafia in BitLife

When you join the Mafia in BitLife, you’re putting in a ton of work. There is a lot of things to keep track of when trying to join the Mafia of your choice, and you need to keep trying to rise up the ranks. As you engage in more criminal enterprises, you can earn more cash and infamy. The game pushes a system on you for managing this, Notoriety.

The more crimes you commit successfully, the more reliable the crime family will consider you. You will have spent some time raising your criminal Notoriety as you completed more tasks. It doesn’t seem to matter, as long as you keep making money for the family and not bringing down too much heat. The more notoriety you have with a family, the more you can earn from jobs and the more complex and fun jobs will be.

The best way to raise your Notoriety is to commit small Burglaries. As you’re likely already doing the Bad Santa challenge, you’re already getting a bunch of these done. You can earn several thousand dollars for each Burglary, up to $5,000 per time. As long as you’re making money for the family though, you can still move up the ranks.

Open up the Crimes tab and see what options You have. Go for the simpler options that are a bit less dangerous. Sometimes as you’re committing crimes, you will also be asked for various things by the family. These random events usually involve making a certain amount of money or committing certain crimes.

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