How to Complete the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife

This week sees a new challenge show up in mobile life sim BitLife, and this one is much easier. And darkly fitting of the upcoming holidays. You can get to become the worst mall Santa ever and spoil the dreams of children by being a lowlife criminal. All while pretending to be a cheery bringer of gifts. So if you want to become Billy Bob Thornton and be the full bad Santa, here’s how. Here’s everything you need to do to complete the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife

Here are the requirements to complete the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife:

  • Be a male
  • Become Santa
  • Be depressed
  • Burgle 10 homes
  • Shoplift 10 items
  • Tell a child that Santa isn’t real

The start is very easy, just be born male and live your life. You can really focus on whatever stats you want in Body and Mind, as your education doesn’t matter too much. Your goal is to become a mall Santa. From there, you want to focus on getting depression and keeping it.

Happiness is key in getting depression in the game. In BitLife, it’s very much easier to manage your mental health compared to the real world. Lower your happiness by having bad things happen to you. Get fired from jobs, commit crimes and go to jail, anything really. When you age up, your happiness can change, so keep an eye on it.

The next part is all the crime. This is weirdly one of the easier parts once you’re familiar with the mechanics and the puzzles.

To burgle ten homes, go into Activities and then Crime. Look for the Burglary option. You will be presented with a basic puzzle-solving mini-game that represents your crime. Do that several times until you get all 10 iterations. You can also do the Shoplift option in the same section. Do that 10 times as well.

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Getting the job as Santa is probably the hardest part of the whole challenge. You need to be age 65 to become Santa. Keep aging up and managing your depression and just surviving. When you hit 65, and the holidays roll around each year, check the Occupations tab. A part-time job to be a Santa should be there. If it’s not quit and reload the game or age up until it shows up. Once you have the job you’re in the home stretch of the challenge.

From there you just need to do the other hard part. The last task is to ruin a kids faith by telling them Santa doesn’t exist. It’s a random event though, so it will take some time to complete. That last one is pretty funny and really dark. If you want to shatter the dreams of a child, you can go full bad Santa and ruin Christmas by telling a child that Santa isn’t real. You just need to play the mall Santa role until a situation pops up that lets you do the thing. The best way to trigger it appears to be to volunteer at an orphanage as Santa and then wait for the event to fire.

Once you’ve done that, the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife will be completed.

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