How to Unlock Nail Polish Armor Coating in Halo Infinite

How to Get the Nail Polish Armor Coating in Halo Infinite

OPI has revealed an Xbox-inspired Spring 2022 Collection, featuring direct tie-ins to Halo. The brand has released a new skin promotion to encourage gamers to buy their products. To get the new nail polish colored skins, that what you have to do. There are skins attached to each color in the line. There’s a nice purple Nail Polish armor added to the game as part of the deal. The bright color is really beautiful.

To get your hands on it, you need to spend $20 on OPI nail products. You will then need to take a pic of your receipt showing the purchase clearly. head to OPIs rewards page and upload the pic and enter any other needed information.  In approximately 48 hours, OPI will verify the purchase and provide the player with a 25-digit reward code. Players will receive their code via email, and they can enter the code directly on their Xbox console or log into Microsoft’s website and redeem their code.

Now just get it done and wait. You have a  bit of time as well. You have until March 31, 2022 to finish the process and claim more Nail Polish Armor Coating in Halo Infinite.

How To Get The Nail Polish Armor In Halo Infinite Armor

How to Get the Nail Polish Armor Coating in Halo Infinite

To recap, here’s how to get the new armor coating in Halo Infinite:

  • Spend $20 on products part of the new OPI x Xbox collection.
  • Take a picture of your receipt.
  • Go to the redeeming page.
  • Upload your receipt.
  • Wait for the verification e-mail and get the code.
  • Redeem the code and claim your reward
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From there you can do as wish, once you have the new skins. Now, you might want to get into customization. There are tons of other things you can change. You can alter your Spartan ID, nameplate and more for some flair. You can also customize your Spartan in many ways, so try that out.

You might also have some other questions about the game. If you have gameplay questions, you might be new to CTF. That means it’s a good idea to learn the controls, like how to drop the flag. There’s some free cosmetic 20th anniversary content you can claim. IIf you’re the kind of person who only wants to play with console or PC players, you can also get around the crossplay. You can also hop in with your pal in a splitscreen game if that’s your thing.

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