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GGG tease new Supporter Packs for Path of Exile

Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis League

So as the announcement for patch 3.7 nears for Path of Exile, fans are eagerly awaiting more news about things like the upcoming melee skill rebalance, but not everything that Grinding Gear Games releases is that serious, sometimes they just want to cut loose with their creative side. And in this new bit of content, GGG shows off some of that creativity with some news about the future of a few cosmetic items and the special Supporter Packs they reside in.

The Doomcrow and Sunstone Supporter Packs became available alongside the Synthesis league announcement, and these Synthesis Supporter Packs will go away forever once the next patch announcement happens on May 21st. You can check out the trailers showing off these MTX bundles down below.

And just as a special bonus for the fans, Grinding Gear Games has also released some new concept art showing off just a bit of the creation process for some of the cosmetic items in these bundles, so that’s pretty cool. There are things like the new hideout effects and decorations, which were included with this run of Supporter Packs for the first time in the history of Path of Exile by the way.

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