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POE 3.9 Core Supporter Packs Have Arrived

Path of Exile: Metamorph

With the launch of Path of Exile 3.9 and its associated content, there’s even more things to do in Wraeclast. The new MetaMorph League adds much more difficult boss encounters throughout the game and the story. Players also get to contend with the Awakener and the Conquerors of the Atlas as part of the new Atlas rework. And as usual, GGG have pushed out a new batch of new Supporter Packs.

Each of the Core Supporter packs are now live, offering their own unique mix of MTX effects for the POE mega[-fan. These are rather pricey bundles that include a big batch of Points to spend in the Path of Exile cash shop. along with a batch of different cosmetic effects for weapons and armor. Look below for a video trailer showing off each Pack, if you’re interested.

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The Basilisk

This set is themed very closely after the primary style of the MetaMorph league. So if you like being immersed in a nest of vipers and toxins, this is the Supporter Pack for you.

The Crusader

The Crusader Supporter Pack features themes that are just straight up about how evil and mysterious they are. There’s just enough ambiguity built into the color schemes that players might feel OK with being covered in blood and sinister religious iconography.

The Eyrie

The Eyrie has a more anime feel to it. I cannot escape referencing Warframe with this supporter pack, as many of the stylish space ninjas in that Digital Extremes title look quite similar to one of the MTX themes in this set. The other theme looks to be borrowing heavily from, if I may hijack another MMO as a reference point, the likes of Black Desert Online.

The Judicator

A rather sinister mixture of divinity and devilish intent. The Judicator borrows themes from the Sin and Innocence storyline and blends them into a glorious yet shadowy MTX bundle.

The Orion

A much more glamorous and holy set of MTX adorn this Supporter Pack. The Orion also offers a mixture of two different themes. The shattered faith motif is pretty fitting, as the new MetaMorph bosses are likely to shatter the will of many a POE player.

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