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PS5 Software Update 20.02-02.50.00 Detailed

All PlayStation 5 launch day sales will be online only

A new PlayStation 5 firmware update has landed on consoles to fix bugs that gamers have been shouting about for a while. The 20.02-02.50.00 system update will fix bugs, including some major problems. One of the more annoying bugs for those upgrading to PS5s is now gone.

One of the biggest problems owners using the split versioning of the console would encounter is that the wrong version of their game would be installed. This is something that Sony has been aware of for a while. Here’s how the company described the problem, “The PS4 version of a game was sometimes installed from the PS4 game disc even after upgrading the disc version of a PS4 game to the PS5 version.”

This issue would also crop up if you were installing the PS5 version but using the PS4 version to upgrade from. As Sony put it, the upgrade confusion bug has now been fixed. “In rare cases, the PS4 version of a game would install from the disc after you upgraded to and installed the PS5 version. Now, when you insert the PS4 game disc, the PS4 version won’t install unexpectedly.”

Multiple major cross-gen games suffered from this problem. 20.02-02.50.00 has fixed the issue for owners of games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which launched its PS5 update after the launch of the PS4 version. Folks who had expected to use the PS4 disc to boot into the newer variant would find their SSD getting swamped by a console attempting to download the wrong version.

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The 850 MB patch also includes other fixes as well. Share Factory Studio bugs have been addressed to make the system and that feature more stable. Users will notice a little less lag using these apps.

You can download the update automatically the next time you boot your consoles. Should the update fail, Sony has a set of handy instructions on how to fix it through their website.

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