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Stellaris MegaCorp expansion revealed

Stellaris MegaCorp Expansion

Paradox Interactive is wasting no time in pumping out more content for their flagship space strategy title, Stellaris.

The company just announced another new expansion pack for the game, titled MegaCorp. Paradox describes the content for this update as a “revolutionary new way to conduct business on a galactic scale by seamlessly synergizing new markets and city planets with state-of-the-art citizen solutions and more marketable human capital.”

The MegaCorp expansion is all about trade and industry. It’s an economic expansion where players are thrust into the role of a galactic CEO and must build their imperial economy through trading posts, financial networks and trade lanes. You’ll have to secure trade contracts with allies to improve the wealth of your planets, all while protecting your efforts from pirates and enemy empires. So if you’ve ever wanted to run your galactic superpower like a business, this is your chance.

Stellaris is out now for PC, and it’s coming soon to Xbox One and PS4. You can check out the teaser trailer for MegaCorp down below.

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