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Microsoft Game Pass Coming to PC

Xbox One

Microsoft is planning to make its Xbox Game Pass also available on the PC as part of its new freeform gaming strategy, alongside embracing the streaming culture. Gamers will soon get access to a whole library of great games for a low monthly fee.

For just $9.99 a month Xbox One owners got access to a library of more 100 new and classic games across a bunch of different genres.

So it’s not surprising that such a service was hugely successful at boosting Microsoft’s revenue in their gaming segment. Microsoft experienced strong growth in its Xbox sector during its Q1 2019 fiscal report. And because of this growth, there’s a natural area for expansion for the computing and gaming giant.

That area is apparently expanding the Game Pass service into PC Gaming. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the decision as part of the company’s plans for the future. Revenue in gaming is up 44% while hardware and software are up 94% and 36% respectively.

In terms of what games will feature on the service, we expect many of the cross platform Windows 10 titles to receive a birth on the service. So it stands to reason that the Xbox Play Anywhere titles will be available. So this means State of Decay 2, Resident Evil 7, Halo Wars Definitive Edition and more will be part of the offer. We can expect more details about the service during the upcoming Xbox X0 event next month.

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Eager fans are also expecting news about the next iteration of Xbox One hardware, codenamed Scarlet. There’s also an expectation for news about Project xCloud, the game streaming service meant to rival the likes of Sony’s Playstation Now.

The Xbox Game Pass is available right now, while Microsoft’s Xbox X0 will take place on November 10th – 11th.

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