How to improve attitude with another faction in A Total War Saga: Troy

When dealing with another faction in A Total War Saga: Troy than your own, sometimes relations will sour. Maybe you need to attack a key city belonging to an ally. Other times, you may need to encroach upon their economic interests by raiding or trading, and this will sometimes anger them. So when trying to improve attitude with another faction in A Total War Saga: Troy, you will want to pay attention to how the process works.

The manner in which you try to improve relations will depend on the way you angered the faction. If you’re trying to smooth over relations after a war for example, it will take a lot more work than just a simple peace and trade treaty.

The better your relations with a faction in A Total War Saga: Troy, the more likely they are to be agreeable to your aims. If you need to get an alliance, you need good diplomatic relations. The more positively a faction views you, the less likely they are to attack you as well. So if you’re trying to secure newly conquered holdings, getting into good terms with the neighbors is a solid start.

There are two ways you can look up a faction’s attitude towards you. There’s the ‘known factions’ tab on the lower-right portion of your UI, the fourth icon above your map. Click it to display all the known factions. Hover over the armored soldier icon next to a faction’s name to see the full breakdown.

The second way is to enter negotiations with the faction from the diplomacy page. Click the 7 key on your keyboard to bring it up, and find the faction to learn more about how they view you.

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How to improve attitude with another faction in A Total War Saga: Troy

On the faction screen, you will see which things are improving or harming your relations with that faction. Mouse over each option in the panels and you can see how each value is displayed. Having previous wars or breaking agreements will confer a penalty. Having active trade or cooperation agreements will improve your attitude with that faction.

How to improve attitude with a faction

When improving a faction it’s important to think about your plans and how they align with your own. Consider attacking or inconveniencing their foes and creating some acts of mutual cooperation between you two. There’s also prime territory for raiding valuable villages for resources during these moments. Also be sure to examine territory belonging to your potential allies. If you control a resource they’re short on, consider trading them some to gain a more respectable diplomatic standing with them. Non-aggression pacts are also a good way of ensuring security in your frontier holdings.

And while you’re here, you might want to take some time to learn about other game mechanics. You will need to manage troop numbers through replenishing your army. Players will also have to deal with morale out on the field of battle.

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