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Temtem Weekly Reset debuts FreeTem Rewards

Temtem Weekly Reset April 13 2020

The Temtem Weekly Reset is out for the week of April 13. The incredibly successful adventure game exploded onto Early Access in early 2020, creating a completely online version of the Pokemon JRPG formula that sold to massive success. The original launch of the game, though beset with issues, had more than 500,000 sales in that first month.

The last week of resets brought Ranked Matchmaking to the game, delighting fans who wanted more serious PvP. Achievements and few other gameplay systems were added to give players some more endgame-style progression to work through. And as part of that ranked system, developer Crema has added some new elements in the Temtem Weekly Reset that involves tiered rewards for playing the game.

The Temtem Weekly Reset brings a complete rework to the FreeTem system that awards players items for various accomplishments. Instead of rewarding players with one item for catching and releasing a set amount of Temtem each week, FreeTem now has four tiers of rewards. For each grouping of Temtem that you catch and release, you earn a new set of rewards.The first tier of rewards unlocks at 60 freed Temtem, each higher tier ups the minimum required.

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If you’re not in the mood to engage with the PvP directly, there’s an option for you. A new spectator mode has also been added to allow players to look at battles via the Interact menu.

Some balance changes have been added too. The various adjustments to stats of some OP Temtem can be seen in the full patch notes. Various gameplay elements, like long-distance trades, have been nerfed after being abused. Players will now have to visit the Auction House to engage in long-distance trades.

The Saipark this week has also been given a newly updated series of spawns. This area now has a minimum SV feature that allows Temtem spawns to be a bit more powerful. The new set of spawns are Saku and Lapinite. This week, the lowest SV stat you will get on a Saku is 26, and on a Lapinite it will be 24. Saku and Lapinite are not that popular, but at least the new system means you won’t get weaker variants this time around.

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