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How To Claim Free Pokéball Mystery Gifts In Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift codes

Pokémon Sword and Shield are really fun and engaging games for fans of both the Switch and the Pokémon franchise. Many different new gameplay elements and an entirely new roster with more than 400 Pokémon offers plenty of adventuring time for fans. But with new systems like Poké jobs, there are whole new layers to this game that are new to the Galar region. One of thew newest elements, is a Mystery Gift system.

One of the most rewarding new additions is a promotional gifting system that acts like an in-game event. From time to time, Nintendo will release so-called Mystery Gift codes that players can redeem to earn special rewards. Each redemption is tied to a unique Mystery Gifts code, which must be turned in in-game. So far, nine Pokéballs of different varieties have been given out through this system.

Below, you’ll find all of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift codes that have been released so far. We will update this list as time passes when new codes are discovered. You will see “Expired” next to any codes that can no longer be claimed.

  • G1GAGRANF1NALE:  10 Heal Balls
  • KAMP-FTEA-M: 20 BP
  • GALA-R: 1 Bottle Cap
  • OKUGAFUKA1BORU : Dream Ball, Friend Ball, Love Ball
  • 1YAHAYA : Fast Ball, Level Ball, Moon Ball – Expired
  • KOUN1NMASCOT : Beast Ball, Heavy Ball, Lure Ball – Expired
  • 0T0S-H1DA-MA: 10 Dive Balls – Expired
  • PRES-ENT: 10 Luxury Balls – Expired
  • G1GA-NTAM-AX: 20 BP – Expired

How to redeem Mystery Gifts In Sword and Shield:

  1. Press X to open your menu
  2. Select “Mystery Gift”
  3. “Get a Mystery Gift”
  4. “Get with Code/Password”
  5. Type in your code. While it can be up to 16 characters, not every code is that long.
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Note: if you’ve already redeemed the mystery gift you cannot redeem it again.

If you’re curious about what each of the rewards does, here’s a breakdown:

  • Level Ball – Has a higher probability of catching Pokémon that are lower level than yours.
  • Moon Ball – Best for capturing Pokémon that evolve using a Moon Stone.
  • Beast Ball – Meant to help capturing Ultra Beasts, a new type of Pokémon coming soon to Sword and Shield.
  • Heavy Ball- Higher capture chance on larger Pokémon.
  • Lure Ball – Higher capture chance against any Pokémon seen while fishing.
  • Dream Ball – Higher capture chance against any Pokémon that has a Sleep status
  • Friend Ball – Lets players increase their Friendship rating while the Pokémon inside this ball is being used.
  • Love Ball – Helps capture Pokémon of an opposite gender to the Pokémon used by the trainer.
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