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Path of Exile 3.6 getting more Holy with new skills

Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis League

As part of the reveals for Synthesis League, GGG revealed a new archetype of damage that is coming to the ARPG in the 3.6 patch. First up was a set of new Chaos skills like Soulrend and Bane. And now, we’re getting some teases of new Holy skills. The newest three skills which were teased are called Purifying Flame, Wave of Conviction and Divine Ire.

Each of these skills falls within the new Holy class of damage, which is defined by dealing physical damage with a portion always converted to Fire or Lightning, although some of these skills break from this norm in certain ways. For example, Wave of Conviction deals both of those types of Elemental Damage.

Speaking of Wave of Conviction is a new spell that unlocks at Level 16 which takes 50% of Physical Damage dealt and splits it between Fire and Lighting at a rate of 25% of each type. This AoE spell deals radiating damage out from consecrated ground, making it a great clearing speed skill for some melee classes.

Divine Ire is another new skill coming in Path of Exile 3.6, one which scales conversion based on Lighting Damage. Divine Ire is a Level 28 channeled skill that deals small amounts of damage while “charging” through arcs of lightning. The skill then releases a directed beam attack that blasts away enemies in bulk. This is basically the Kamehameha from Dragon Ball in POE, which I’m all about.

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The final major new Holy skill coming to Path of Exile is Purifying Flame. This starting spell takes Physical damage and converts it to Fire that deals it’s damage in a massive AoE. The resulting stacks apply damage to all enemies in the area, and create consecrated ground once the skill applies damage. This combination allows players to combine two damage sources to finish off mob packs.

And that’s not all we got today either when it comes to new and reworked skills. In addition to reworks of nearly all the skills in the game, GGG is also planning to add more offensive layers to various Elemental skills. With the new patch, various skills will have debuffs that apply negative resistance to enemies, allowing for more elemental damage penetration. Frost Bomb now applies -25% Cold Exposure instead of its resistance being part of the Frost Bomb debuff. Scorching Ray now applies -25% Fire Exposure when reaching eight stages on enemies. This change will make elemental builds a helluva lot more powerful.

Check out a trailer from the New Zealand-based developer, showing off Purifying Flame, Wave of Conviction and Divine Ire, down below.

Source: POE Site

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