How to get Mending Books in Minecraft

How to get Mending Books in Minecraft

With all of the different types of gear in Minecraft, you will need to repair or replace it at some point. And when you get deeper into the game and powerful enchanted gear becomes harder to replace, there will be a strong need for repairing it instead. Basic gear can usually be repaired with anvils and some basic materials. Enchanted gear can require a bit more effort though, as Mending Books in Minecraft are the best source of the Mending enchantment.

When an item with the enchantment is held or equipped (in the main hand, offhand, or armor slots), collected experience orbs repair the item at a rate of 2 durability per XP instead of adding the XP to the player’s total experience. This is great for making your enchanted armor and tools last a lot longer, making repairs on enchanted items much less costly. Problem is, the enchantment system in this game is really random.

The enchantment book can spawn as part of any treasure chest, but hunting through dungeons and mountains of mobs is hard and dangerous work. Many players rely on more controllable methods for getting enchantments, which this guide will discuss.

There are a couple of randomized methods for getting Mending Books in Minecraft, and there are a few random ways, one of which is much quicker than the other. The two most common ways to randomly get Mending Books in Minecraft are as follows:

  • Fishing
  • Looting chests in dungeons, temples, mineshafts, End Cities, and other locations throughout Minecraft
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Fishing will take a lot longer, and be pretty boring to boot. It’s a very luck-based endeavor, with the possibility of running around for hours in your world without getting the items you need. Mending Books, in particular, are an already rare drop so this method could take a while.

Your more reliable method for getting Mending Books in Minecraft is to rely on Villagers. Use the method for swapping villager jobs to change a villager to a librarian job. Craft a lectern out of four wooden slabs and a bookshelf and use that to swap a villager to the Librarian profession. Once that’s done, start hunting through until you find a librarian willing to trade for the book you want.

It’s best to isolate one or two villagers away from the village after destroying their job site blocks. Fence them in and provide them with a lectern, this will swap them to the desired job on the next day. You will know you did it right when their clothing includes a fancy pair of glasses.

They will then trade enchanted books for emeralds. If it’s not the Mending Book you wanted, simply reset their job by removing and replacing the lectern, this will also reset their trade item, giving you another chance at getting what you want.

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