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Games Workshop and Focus Home Interactive are making a bunch of new Warhammer games

Games Workshop and Focus Home Interactive Making New Games

So as any Warhammer fans have no doubt grown accustomed to, the tradition of games based on the legendary tabletop gaming franchise will continue for many years to come. We know this because Focus Home Interactive and Games Workshop, and many other developers and IP holders, recently inked a deal to extend a long-term licensing setup between the two companies, including at least 12 more games. At least that much os confirmed via a Twitter announcement from Focus Home Interactive.

The team over at Focus is partnering with Games Workshop to create a ton of new games, and there’s a really strong inclination that the main franchises being worked with in these new games are Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar.

The teaser images which you can see in the Tweet above depict some very interesting teases that reveal both the source material, as well as potential information about what kinds of games we’re going to see. For one thing, one image shows the double-headed eagle, or the Imperial Aquila from Warhammer 40K. Saber Interactive will be developing this title.  The “Protect. Redeem. Purge.” heading hints at some Inquisition themes. Could we see another Inquisitor ARPG in the future?

And it’s not just Games Workshop that’s getting all of the love from Focus Home Interactive either. The publisher has been extremely open to new projects from a variety of developers, and has secured deals for a variety of existing properties and new IPs. In fact, it seems like Focus Home Interactive is setting itself up for a massive pivot to become a much bigger player in the gaming scene in general over the next few years.

This strategy has already borne plenty of fruit with some great games, and of course not all of them are set in the 41st millennia of mankind. There’ Deck 13 (The Surge) who made a great game for the publisher. Sumo Digital (Dead Island 2, Team Sonic Racing, Crackdown 3) also contributed to the piles of amazing titles that Focus has created or worked on over the years.

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