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Warframe: Eximus Farming Guide

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The Eximus Executioner Challenge is one of many things you can do farm for rare items and other rewards in Warframe. The challenge requires the player to kill 100 of the Eximus enemies throughout any of the missions in the game. There are some places where they spawn more often than others, so knowing where to look can be a big help.

These are rather tough shielded enemies that can be a great source of some really good drops. And with a new Nightwave challenge, the game is offering more rewards for the players putting in the work. Don’t expect things to be easy though, as these bad boys can also protect other enemies.

You will notice that these enemies have a unique red glow around them, and they can soak up plenty of DPS. Keep that in mind when you’re hunting them. And when you do take them out, there’s plenty of nice drops to be had. So when you want to know where to farm these enemies, check out this guide.

Where to farm Eximus Enemies

It’s important to know where to find these types of enemies. One important thing to note is that Steel Path missions cannot spawn these enemy types. You will want to focus on certain mission types, use the examples below as a guide.

Sanctuary Onslaught

If you put in enough time in the Sanctuary Onslaught  These are pretty tough missions, but you will get to take on plenty of the Eximus enemies. The Elite Sanctuary Onslaught are the best way to get these spawns, as they spawn pretty often in these nodes. The spawns will occur most often in  other nodes as well. Keep in mind that you need to have completed the New Strange quest to unlock this game mode.


Sorties are another good source of the spawns. A Sortie can spawn in any of three different types of missions. You can farm these missions pretty quickly as they spawn a bunch of enemies in waves. Completing all missions in a Sortie will grant the player with a random reward picked from the rewards pool containing 11 different types of items.

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Each Sortie has a modifier placed on it, with a variety of effects that can be seen. You can see damage from enemies dealing +100% additional physical damage, or maybe massively increased resistance for those enemies. You will need to bring specialized builds to take this stuff on. Also, you need to have completed the War Within Quest to unlock these special missions.

Other endless mission modes like Defense missions are a good source of these drops. Survival and Defense missions can bring a huge number of rare drops and other rewards. Bring a Nekros and bring in tons of loot.

Void missions are a great source of Relics as well. Focus on Assassination missions if you want to farm these. If you’re farming rare enemy spawns, focus on Defense and Survival missions in Void nodes for the best drops.

Arbitration Alerts

Arbitration Alerts or Arbitrations are a big part of late-game farming in Warframe. You need to have completed the majority of the Star Chart to unlock them, so focus on that first. You also need a Level 30 Warframe to take part. This is genuinely meant to be the biggest challenge of the game. You can get plenty of cool drops though, so the work is worth it.

You can access these firstly through the Arbiters of Hexis, on any Relay in your version of the game. You can also visit these NPCs to check how close you are to unlocking them.

Arbitration Alerts reward one unit of Vitus Essence for every rotation completed, in addition to any loot drops from the enemies. These missions can spawn tons of Eximus enemies, as well as other stuff too.

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