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Dollhouse, the film noir horror game has a beta this weekend

Horror Game Dollhouse's Story Trailer

Creazn Studio and SOEDESCO just dropped some more details about their upcoming unique horror game, Dollhouse.

The story of this new horror title, which you can learn more about by watching the recently released story trailer, is actually surprisingly complex, and rather interesting. Taking the customizable character concept to a new level. With the main character Marie, the player will be able to tweak her abilities, making her more resilient and confident, which is a benefit she will need as the setting gets more dangerous and horrifying.

As Marie searches for the life and loves she lost due to amnesia, the world around her will start to unravel. As more dangers are revealed, the game will start to get a lot more difficult, so the player will have to adjust their abilities over time to compensate. And that’s just the singleplayer.

The multiplayer mode also comes with 14 different characters with unique abilities and each player will be assigned a different target during each game. With more than 40 abilities in the online mode players will have plenty of replayability as well.

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The game still plans to launch on May 24th for PS4 and PC. The team behind it is also running a beta test to stress out the singleplayer and multiplayer portions of the game. That beta will run on both platforms from April 13th to 14th. Said beta test will include two portions of the singleplayer story, as well as two of the maps from the online multiplayer component.

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