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Gwent launches on Android devices this week

GWENT releases Merchants of Ofir expansion

CD Projekt Red’s collectible online card game Gwent has finally released on Android today, bringing the smash-hit card game to millions of new players. Ever since the concept of the card game was introduced in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, there has been a ton of interest in a full version of it. Some players of the mother RPG still enjoy throwing cards around to this day, so they must be on to something,

Gwent is free-to-play and has been available on PC since October 2018, before coming to iOS last year. The game went through some rough periods as the developers reassessed where they would place their priorities, leading to some versions of the game being abandoned.

Those who install and login to the game on the new Android version of the game will be able to claim an Ultimate Premium Keg, which will unlock a number of premium cards that can include cards from any set, including the base set and all expansions.

For a mobile game, the install is actually surprisingly beefy. The executable for Gwent comes in at over 2 GB. This includes all of the content from the base game bundled into one mobile-optimized experience. And yes, you can carry your progress to this version of the game so that leaves the potential open for the expansions and other new content to come over to the Android version.

And with Android being the biggest mobile platform Gwent is likely to find plenty of success gaining new players.

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