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Hearthstone wrapping up storyline with Descent of Dragons expansion

Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Expansion Revealed

With the opening day of BlizzCon 2019 winding down, Blizzard still had some news to share to all of their eager fans. Hearthstone in particular got a fair bit of news today as Blizzard revealed two new content updates coming in the future. One of the announcements was the reveal of a new “auto-battler” mode which takes the form of the Battlegrounds mode, coming to beta later this month. The other is of course the newly revealed expansion of story content. Yes, that means a new expansion.

The expansion rounds out the conflict that has been building for some time, finishing off the ongoing conflict between the two leagues, E.V.I.L. and Explorers, as they ready for the apocalyptic final battle, but something else is about to take precedent over their squabbles. The new expansion is titled Descent of Dragons, and much like that teaser we saw earlier in the week suggested, the battle between the Dragonblight and various factions is about to get hot, in a rather big way.

The new big bad for the content update is called Galakrond, and he’s very angry. In the lore this proto-dragon grew into his massive size and power by feasting on the other proto-dragons, developing both an extremely scary visage and brutal reputation. As Galakrond attempts to usurp power from the other factions of the world, heroes form all over assemble to stop him, including other dragons. And of course, the evil Galakrond will feature as a hero card, and likely final boss of the new patch. His powers involve laying down an impressive amount of firepower at the drop of a hat, so he’s going to be quite the challenge.

Check it out in the debut gameplay trailer down below. It looks pretty sick, even as someone who doesn’t even play Hearthstone all that much these days, I’m kind of excited.

The Descent of Dragons expansion will launch towards the end of 2019, debuting December 10th. And if you login during that launch, you can snag all five of the Galarkond legendaries for free and add them to your collection.

Blizzard also dropped a ton more news about other games today, including the much-hyped reveal of Diablo 4. World of Warcraft got a couple major stories, in the form of the new Shadowlands expansion, and a new plan to rebalance the endgame by reducing the level cap back to 60. It’s all very exciting and we still have the weekend to get through.

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