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Path of Exile devs reveal new skills and more skill changes

Path of Exile Legion

Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games has released even more information about the upcoming expansion, Path of Exile: Legion. With the release of Path of Exile 3.7 and it’s much-hyped melee reblance, GGG plan to introduce more mechanics, alongside all of the changes to animations and the like.

The big new reveal from this latest announcement is a new set of three skills being labeled as Guard skills. One of these is called Steelskin which reduces incoming damage by 70% by absorbing a certain amount of overall damage. The skills could ostensibly absorb more damage as they level up, and it will be very intriguing to see if new support gems get introduced alongside them to help out the defensive layer they introduce.

The other two skills in this class, Molten Shell and Immortal Call, have now been changed to have a much more active playstyle if you want to unlock their full potential. Players who just want them to passively proc can still have that too, although at reduced effect of damage mitigation.

Molten Shell now grants Armour while active and a damage barrier that absorbs 75% of damage taken. And it’s most useful for high-Armour characters as the damage absorption scales off of Armour values. Immortal Call is now instant and grants less Physical and Elemental damage taken for its duration. The skill can also consume Endurance Charges to bring even more defensive potential to the fight.

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If you would like to learn more about this upcoming expansion, we’ve got you covered. Go take a look at the FAQ released yesterday which explains more of the basic details of the Legion mechanics. Then there’s the big series of animation, dodging and blocking changes. There’s 14 new Divination Cards that GGG has teased as well.

And there’s even more news on the horizon. The Developers plan to release the full series of new and changed Skills on June 5th. That’s a little bit ahead of the Path of Exile: Legion launch on June 7th. And with the console versions due for PS4 and Xbox One on June 10th, players still have a bit of wait ahead.

Source: POE Site

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