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ISKMogul is looking for a Path of Exile Guides and Builds Writer


ISKMogul has come a long way over these last few years, and we’ve grown our reader base significantly, and we’re looking to expand.

One of our more popular niches, and a great avenue for said expansion, is in creating more high-quality builds and guides for Path of Exile.

Job Description

This is a paid, but voluntary, position. You may write as much or as little content as you desire. Although the more guides you create, the more potential revenue you can earn. Writers are paid a percentage of the ad revenue generated from any content they write. Impressions are tracked via Google Analytics to ensure accuracy.

The person(s) hired to this position will be expected to create high-quality POE builds and game guides as unique content for ISKMogul. So no copy-pasted or spun content will be accepted. You can use existing build guides as a base, but your builds should expand upon and improve these guides to a sufficient degree as to make your version unique.

Also, if you’re a YouTuber, or aspire to be one, this can be a great opportunity to create and promote video-based build guides. A written guide must accompany any video guides.

We can provide a basic template build guide which we use, but the writer is responsible for filling in the blanks with high-quality and SEO rich content. All content is reviewed prior to being published to ensure this standard is adhered to.

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So if you happen to be someone who already plays Path of Exile, here’s a great way to make some extra cash by putting your game knowledge and writing skills to work. Any content you write will remain on the site for as long as the site is online, or until you ask us to remove it, so you can earn a nice residual income.

Desired skills

  • Have an excellent command of the English language
  • Be able to follow directions and create guides and builds using a template
  • A familiarity with Path of Exile and it’s gameplay mechanics
  • A basic understanding of SEO best practices.

If this position interests you, please send us an email, and include your contact info an any relevant work you’ve done previously, over at [email protected]

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