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Being a hit new card game on PC, Inscryption has a ton of players asking questions. The bizarrely homely vibe mixed with a ton of horrifying world-building is quite the contrast. You might think you’re just playing a card game, but there’s a whole subtext of adventure going on here. As you explore, you will uncover and challenge various threats. But after so many battles, you need to rest and recharge. The gameplay loop reflects this by requiring players to take a break from combat to upgrade cards. That’s where the campfires in Inscryption come in.

One method of upgrading their cards is to seek out campfires. You need to place a card you wish to upgrade on the campfire to upgrade its base stats. Usually, this will result in a boost to either the health or attack values of the chosen card. Players can create some truly powerful decks by using these upgrades properly.

If you look at the base of the fire it will list its warmth. In some cases it will be just a simple +1, but it can certainly be higher. Players have seen insane buffs of +5 or more in some later stages. As you progress through a run, you will encounter warmer and colder fires randomly. Although it does appear that the game sometimes takes pity on bad runs, giving out boosts more liberally if you’re having a bad time. This is purely speculative and based on various anecdotes, so dont’ take it as fact.

And don’t worry about those NPCs around the campfire, there just there for some spooky flavor. Players can place a Ringworm card on the fire to sicken them. This will cause them to disappear from future fires.

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