How to Get a University Scholarship in BitLife

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There are many unique and wonderful jobs in the mobile sim, BitLife. You could become an Engineer, or a doctor. Those pay a ton of money and are very rewarding. More specialized tasks like Brain Surgeon are even in the game. You can even go to Business School. The trick here, is that these careers take a lot of education. And with 7 or more years of higher education, things get very expensive very fast.

The University Scholarship in BitLife is the key to many high-paying jobs. You need to put the effort in to get the jobs, but it’s well worth the time. You don’t want to get buried under student loans in a video game, so the scholarship options are something many players pursue when trying to complete challenges or get unique jobs. Keep reading to figure out how to get a scholarship in-game.

How to Get a University Scholarship in BitLife

Just like in real life, there are two ways you can secure a scholarship to help pay for school: You can either get very good at sports and earn an athletic scholarship, or you can be really smart and earn an academic pass. Either of these options can be done, you just have to put the work in.

Academic Scholarships

The first thing you need to do after choosing which one to go for is to make sure your core stats are high enough. Having a high Smarts score is a good choice in general, but if you’re going for Sports, high Looks and Health become more important. The key here is to train early and often. When you reach childhood, head to the Library via the Activities menu as often as you can each year. This and Reading will help raise your Smarts stat and keep it high.

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When you get to school, be sure to choose the Study Harder option within the school menu to put more effort in. Do this each year and your grades should stay high. If you’re lucky, you should get a notice in your event log when you graduate High School that you got a scholarship.

Sports Scholarships

if you’re going for the Sports scholarship, the Mind & Body tab has two options of import for you: Walks and the Gym. Hit up both of these options multiple times per year to raise your Health stat. Keep working out until you reach Middle School, you then need to focus on an extra-curricular activity. Open up the School menu and look through the options. Choose a sport from the extra-curricular activity option to join a team. You need to have high Health stats to make the team. Be sure to go into the team menu each time you age up and click the Practice Harder option. The more effort you put into the team, the more your performance meter fills. You need to continue putting effort into the team into High School as well. If you’re lucky and good enough, you will be made a Captain of the team in your teens.

Once you get through high school, you should have the option for going to University. And if you’re lucky, you got a scholarship.

If either of these options didn’t work out, you can easily re-roll and try again.

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