How to get away with murder in BitLife

How to get away with murder in BitLife

There are actually a lot of brutal challenges in BitLife. Some of them are much more cuddly and fun, and some are much darker. To murder someone in Bitlife, the option is found under the Crime menu. Head into Activities, and then click on the Crime tab, then press Murder. You then need to choose the method by which you want to try and commit the crime. However, some have varying degrees of success, which can make getting caught more likely. You can also hire a Hitman via the crime menu if that will work.

How to get away with murder in BitLife

There are also many achievements tied to this. For example, the Serial Killer achievement will require you to kill a total of 25 people in the course of one life. Another requires two different killings. So when you need to do these tasks, you often also need to not get caught. Also, so achievements force you to commit the crime yourself.

To get away with murder in BitLife, you need to plan. You really don’t want to end up in prison, do you? To get away with it, try one of the less obvious methods. Pushing someone down the stairs or poisoning their food seems to work pretty well. There are also more insane options like Elephant Laxatives that seem to work pretty often.

If you do get caught, you have one option left. Paying a lot of money to hire an expensive lawyer. Putting your money where your mouth greatly increases the chance that the judge won’t rule you guilty. it’s all dependent on RNG though, so you have to have some amount of faith.

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It might even be possible to put a hit out on someone and do the deed indirectly. Go through the requirements and see if this will work. Some challenges will have to be checked, as they often have specific requirements. So try putting a hit out on someone and see if you get away with murder in BitLife.

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