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EA Play on Xbox Game Pass for PC delayed until 2021

Xbox Game Pass Adding Dozens of New Games

We were supposed to have good news today as EA Play was supposed to drop onto Xbox Game Pass on December 15, that’s not happening. EA Play for Xbox Game Pass for PC has been delayed until sometime in 2021. Here’s what we know so far. EA Play is Electronic Arts’ subscription-based gaming service, it was supposed to augment the Xbox offerings in the holiday season this year to help push more sales of the Xbox Series X, at least that looks to have been the plan.

The announcement was made on the Xbox news wire today. According to the company, the announcement has been pushed into next year due to some unforeseen problems. As players wait patiently, I wish we had better news to give you. But sadly, we don’t know when or if the service will debut, other than what the new announcement has said.

Microsoft and the rest of the team behind the project will have “more to share early next year.” Although they have given no indication of what the reasoning is, we expect to have been a very sudden shift.

The idea was the popular AAA franchises like Star Wars Squadrons and the Battlefield series were to be a big part of this plan, as they would have been a big addition to the Xbox Game Pass catalog. The service of EA Play includes a total of 89 EA games that would have all been directly integrated into the Game Pass offering, sad news for any fan of their titles. The service even got updated with the excellent Jedi Fallen Order recently.

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