Best Ways to Level Mechanics in Project Zomboid Build 41

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Mechanics in Project Zomboid are one of many skills in the game. Thanks to the massive crafting potential, there’s a lot to learn about building and maintaining that zombie-proof base. And with the addition of vehicles and multiplayer, the needs just got a lot more stringent. Each class of skills has its own associated activity, so players will have to learn on the fly if they want to survive.

This will include some basic information that covers both how the skill works, and what you can do with it. Once you understand what your goals are with Mechanics, you can then learn how to get better at the skillset.

Best Ways to Level Mechanics in Project Zomboid Build 41

When you want to level Mechanics in Project Zomboid, you need to keep a few things in mind. Like all other skills in the game, each of the 10 levels unlocks a new suite of crafting recipes and possible item interactions. And as with any other skill, just interacting with the related items will give you a bit of XP. The one limit is that there’s a soft cap on how much XP you can gain from repeating the same action. You can’t just rebuild the same engine over and over and get to Mechanics level 10.

The cap can usually be overcome by just waiting a certain amount of time. What this means is that you can gain experience for the first time that you uninstall and install a car part, then must wait up to 24 hours before you get more XP for doing it a second time. The best way to overcome this is to gather a fleet of junk cars which you slowly repair. By switching from one car to another when the “Gain XP” notice is set to Off, you can keep leveling Mechanics. You might have to break into the cars if you can’t find the keys. The new search mode might make that a bit easier to handle, though, so try investigating your surroundings first.

The fastest way to level Mechanics in Project Zomboid

  1. Grab a basics book on Mechanics (Laines Auto Manual Standard Models) and then get the first few levels.
  2. Find and gather a handful of working vehicles at your base.
  3. Open the mechanics menu via right-click options, then install and uninstall the Radio, Battery and 4 lights on every vehicle.
  4. Repeat this process until you have maxed out the mechanics skill.

But before you do that, read below on where to get the tools.

Gathering Tools

At the bare minimum, you need a few things to actually work on cars and level Mechanics in Project Zomboid. You need at least a Screwdriver and Wrench. Other tools can be found as well, as the recipes to make and repair new parts might require them. Here are all of the tools you need to work on cars, and make new car parts:

  • Screwdriver – Can be found in pretty much any home storage crate or shelf, as well as industrial storage rooms and crates.
  • Wrench – Can be found in gas stations, storage units, any industrial buildings, and sometimes in homes.
  • Jack – Can be found in gas stations, sheds, garages, mechanics buildings, storage units and crates.
  • Lug Wrench – Can be found in gas stations, sheds, garages, mechanics buildings, storage units and crates.
  • Tire Pump – Can be found in gas stations, sheds, garages, mechanics buildings, storage units and crates.
  • Propane Torch – Can be found in garages and industrial buildings. Can be found in various parts around the world. You will need to find Propane Tanks to refill the Torch. Can then be used to repair metal sheets for certain car body parts.
  • Welder Mask – Can be found in industrial buildings and very rarely in homes. Must be combined with a Propane Torch for most recipes.
  • Metal Sheet – Can be found in industrial storage buildings, rarely in sheds and garages. Used in welding and metalworking recipes.
  • Small Metal Sheet – Used in certain metalworking recipes, must be crafted using Propane Torch and Mask from Metal Sheets.
  • Glue – Can be found in  storage cupboards in houses, boxes in warehouses, and sheds in residential areas.
  • Duct Tape – Can be found in storage boxes and shelves in houses, as well as in sheds
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Once you have a bit more knowledge and your tools gathered, it’s time to start work.

Skill Books, Traits and Other Boosts.

There are a few methods you can use to get more XP and better skills with a new character. If you’re searching around garages, you might find one of three mechanics-related skill books.  These three are:

  • Laines Auto Manual Commercial Models: Allows the player to learn intermediate mechanics which allows them to work on commercial type vehicles such as vans and emergency vehicles
  • Laines Auto Manual Performance Models: Teaches advanced mechanics and allows the player to work on performance type vehicles
  • Laines Auto Manual Standard Models: Teaches basic mechanics and allows the player to work on smaller sedans and family cars

The Mechanics Trait gained at character generation gives a flat buff to Mechanics skill, and 25% boost to XP gain for related tasks.

There are many other ways you can build and maintain items in PZ. Tailoring can be used to repair clothing items. Carpentry can be put to the task of building that new defensive wall.

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