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Square Enix Discounts Most ‘Final Fantasy’ Games on the iOS App Store

Final Fantasy VII iOS

Square Enix is doing that crazy discounting thing again. So if you’re a Final Fantasy fan and want to play some of the best RPGs, and some of the not-so-good (ahem. . .Final Fantasy IV), on your iPhone or iPad you’ve now got an easier time of it. The company has put most of the Final Fantasy properties on the iOS service up for a discount of some degree.

Sorry Android users, we’re out of luck in some ways. Although a quick glance at the Play Store shows that some of these apps are actually the same price or cheaper over there. So if you’re an Android user, check there before committing to buying on iOS.

So here’s the full list of games that have been discounted, along with their new price points.

Final Fantasy – $3.99

Final Fantasy II – $3.99

Final Fantasy III – $6.99

Final Fantasy IV – $6.99

Final Fantasy IV The After Years – $6.99

Final Fantasy V – $6.99

Final Fantasy VI – $6.99

Final Fantasy VII – $11.99

Final Fantasy IX – $14.99

Final Fantasy Dimensions II –  $6.99

Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions – $6.99

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Luckily for fans, many of the older games in this list have received a variety of updates to make them more palatable to a modern audience. Things like visual upgrades, control improvements, and of course performance adjustments have been applied to these games. Although it’s still very hard to justify dumping the roughly $80 on all these games together. That copy of Final Fantasy Tactics would sure be calling my name if I wasn’t an Android user, and didn’t already own it.

It’s probably best to stick with your favorites from the list if you’re hankering to play them again. Judging from the reviews, these updated versions perform well and are a serviceable nod to the nostalgia factor for some of the older games. Be aware though that some of these are updated re-releases ported to iOS, like Final Fantasy III, so these aren’t the same games you played in the 80s and beyond.

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