How to unlock the IV Checker in Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Alfornada Gym Rival Fight

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are here, and things are getting crazy. There’s a lot of new things in the game, and some well-established mechanics have been altered a fair bit. The Switch title brings back many of the stat systems and combat mechanics of the franchise, but makes some pretty big changes. One thing that is the same, thankfully, is how stats work. The IVs have returned. And yes, that means you need to unlock the IV Checker in Scarlet and Violet. This guide will explain how to do that.

IVs, or Individual Values, have long been a thing in the Pokemon games. Players who don’t know are about to learn what they do, as well as how to judge them within the newest game, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. IVs are the core base stat score of a Pokemon. The higher the score, the more effective their stat growth. Breeders and competitive players always aim to have six “perfect” IVs, with a score of 31 in all stats.

How to unlock the IV Checker in Scarlet and Violet

The IV Checker in Scarlet and Violet is the method by which you judge the IVs of your Pokemon, and thus their fit for competitive battling.

In order to unlock the IV checker in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you have to finish the game and become the Champion. That means overcoming the Elite Four and your final Rival fight. Once you’ve done that, you just need to get through all the cutscenes. Once that’s done, head to any Pokemon Center. When you do that, the attendant will unlock the Judge function within your Rotomphone. This is how you know the IVs of any Pokemon in your Boxes or party. Just go into your Boxes, then press + twice to judge the IVs of the selected Pokemon.

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If you need help getting through the game, check out some of our guides on the various Gyms and other challenges.  Players will also need to deal with the Titans, such as the False Dragon, Open Sky, Great Tusk, Lurking Steel and more. And of course, the Gyms are back as well, to challenge you on your road to Champion. Larry, the leader of the Normal Gym is a pretty tough fight. Followed closely by the Ghost Gym rapping all over you.Later in the game, you’ll face the terrifyingly frosty Ice Gym.

Players not only have Gyms to face, as the noble but mysterious Team Star needs to be taken down. The Segin Squad Dark team is one of the first of these challenges. You might also get burned by the Fire Crew and Mela’s heat. There’s the toxic Poison Crew as well.

And if you’re focused on making stats the max they can be, you might want to learn about how Feathers work in this new Pokemon game. Trainers looking to raise the best team will also want to learn how breeding works in Scarlet in Violet. The Triple Masuda method can be vital if you’re Shiny hunting as well.

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