Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to beat Larry, the Normal Gym Leader

How To Beat Gym Leader Larry, The Normal-type Gym Leader

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are out, and things are getting both challenging and fun. After you’ve taken out Atticus and the Poison Crew, you’re almost ready to take on the next Gym battle. Larry is a pretty unassuming guy, but don’t mistake his power, nor his passion. He has a potent team, and one of the more annoying Gym Challenges in the game. So keep reading to learn how to beat the Scarlet and Violet Normal Gym.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to get to the Normal Gym

There are two main ways you can get to Medali Gym. One way involves going west from Levincia through East Province (Area Three) to the mining town Zapapico, and northwest towards Dalizapa Passage. You’ll know you’re going the right way when it starts snowing. Follow the tunnels through to West Province (Area Three) if you’re taking that route. You could also hug the wall to your left and go higher up the mountain. There will be a giant chasm to your right with a Pokemon center inside of it. Assuming you have the long jump for your Koriadon/Mariadon just leap down and land on the Pokemon Center roof to take a shortcut. Head through the passage marked with the Medali sign and you will end up right outside the city.

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Head into the Gym and talk to the receptionist, but just as you do, you rival shows up, planning another battle with you. She then runs off to prep, leaving you to the Gym challenge.


The first Trainer is right outside the Gym, fight off her Ursaring, and you will be given another clue.

A dark spot surrounded by stairs.

Head down the stairs just behind this trainer and interact with the caged off area, you’ll be given some kind of clue: “Fire Blast”

Fire Blast clue - Normal Gym Challenge

Fire Blast clue

Head to the left of the stairs and down the street between two buildings, on the left side of the street is the next Trainer. This Trainer has one Pokemon, but it can be pretty tough if you’re not ready. When battling his Dunsparce, watch out for Glare and Ancient Power, they can be pretty lethal. Once you beat him, you get given the following clue:

Normal Gym Challenge - Trainer 2

The blue bird Pokemon

The answer to this puzzle is to look for a person with a blue Squakabilly on their head. Stand there until they shout out the clue. it may take a moment, just be patient.

Normal Gym Challenge -  Medium Clue

Normal Gym Challenge – Medium Clue

Head northeast down the street, and be sure to grab the item hidden next to the building on your right. The final Trainer is standing in the plaza to your left.

Normal Gym Challenge -  Trainer 3

Normal Gym Challenge – Trainer 3

Beat her level 34 Gumshoos and a level 34 Greedent to gain the final clue of:

the odd one out at one of the ice cream stands

Head over to the ice cream cart just nearby and look for the dish that doesn’t belong. Hint, it’s Grilled Rice Balls.

Normal Gym Challenge -  Rice Balls Clue

We still need one more clue, and it’s off to the actual restaurant you need to order from for this one. Treasure Eatery is on the east side of town, right next to the Pokémon Center. Head inside, and talk to the Office Worker sitting at the bar, who tells you what seasoning you need to ask for — Lemon.

Normal Gym Challenge -  Lemon Clue

Normal Gym Challenge – Lemon Clue

So to recap, we have:

Find out how the regulars season their dishes – Lemon
A dark spot surrounded by stairs – Fire Blast
The blue bird Pokemon – Meedyum, Meedyum
the odd one out at one of the ice cream stands – Rice Balls

Grilled rice balls
Medium serving
Extra crispy, Fire Blast style

Head over and order that, and you’re done with this inane challenge. And now, the real test begins.

How To Beat Gym Leader Larry, The Normal-type Gym Leader

The Normal type Gym should not be taken lightly. The only 2x damage boost you get against Normal-types is from Fighting, and you likely don’t have too many level 35-40 Fighting types right now. I lead the battle against Komala with my Skeledirge, although you may want to bring a second Fighting-type to deal with this one. Be careful of its Yawn to Sucker Punch combo, it can be pretty powerful. If you do get put to sleep swap that starter out and bring out another Fighting type for when Dundunsparce swaps in.

Dundunsparce should be countered with a Fighting-Type, I used Primeape and burned my Cross Chops to bring it down, stopping to heal so Primeape could eat a bit of damage from the real threat—Staraptor.

Staraptor is pretty lethal once it switches into its Normal-type Tera. You will likely want to plan to sacrifice a few Pokes to it to set up for healing or other strats. My Primeape went down in two Facade moves from Staraptor, but it did allow me to feed boosts to my Ampharos, allowing its Electro Ball to deal a good hit to Staraptor. Ampharos did its job and went down fighting, having damaged the main threat. Down two Pokemon, I brought in Skeledirge and managed to Flamethrower down Staraptor for the win.

Overcome Larry, and he’ll give you the Normal Badge and TM025 Facade. And with that, the Scarlet and Violet Normal Gym is over and done with.

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