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Former Brave Newbies CEO Lychton Kondur has passed away

Brave Collective

I came back to EVE Online in 2014 after a long hiatus, and as anyone who has followed this site for a long time knows, some of that time was spent in BNI, and at the time of coming back, the organization was led by a thunderstorm of a human being known in-game by the handle Lychton Kondur. The hard-drinking but lovable man led the alliance of Brave Collective for many years, before a tidal wave of drama resulted in his stepping away from the game.

And as much as I criticized BNI leadership and gave in to the drama over the short time I was there, I will still look back on that time with fondness, as it reminded me to HTFU. As chaotic and dumb as a lot of EVE is, at times we are reminded of the fact that it’s basically a giant drunken social experiment playing out through internet spaceships—and it’s a beautiful thing.

So it’s with an immeasurable amount of disappointment that I have to report that Lychton Kondur has indeed passed away. Today is a sad day for both current and former BNI members, and EVE in general. Losing such a forceful personality as Lychton is a big blow to the community, and his loss will be felt by all that knew him.

Just reading through the response to the news on social media, plenty of players have great stories about Lychton and their time in BNI. It’s a shining light in this moment of darkness to remember those moments and cherish them. So if you’re sad about this, keep in mind that it’s OK to mourn, and it’s important to stay safe in these trying times.

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