Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Montenevera Gym – Ghost Badge Guide

Beat the Montenevera Gym in Scarlet and Violet

The Ghost Badge is the sixth badge you will claim in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and one of the first instances of Double Battles featuring heavily throughout the entire Gym’s course. You will need to take down spooky Ghosts aplenty to win this round. Keep reading to learn how to beat the Montenevera Gym in Scarlet and Violet.

To get to the Gym, start from Medali East. and take the road leading to the northwest. For now, ignore the Trainers on the road and rush for the Gym. Once you beat the Gym and gain a level or two, come back for them. Once you reach the bridge, take the right-hand path towards the snowy area. You know you’ve headed the right way when you cross over a bridge. Once you reach the mountains, take the detour to the right to reach the Pokemon Center. Be sure to use it to unlock it for fast travel.

Montenevera Gym in Scarlet and Violet Path

Keep heading northwest past the Pokemon Center, and the Courier Trainer. It’s a very straight path up the mountain to the Gym. Just follow the path ahead and avoid all the Ice-type Pokemon. Unless of course, you need to grind for EXP, then bring a Fire-type and roast them.

How to beat the Montenevera Gym in Scarlet and Violet

Now that you’ve arrived in the Montenevera, you’re ready to take on the Montenevera Gym in Scarlet and Violet!

How to beat the Gym Challenge

When you finally arrive at the gym after your trek through the snow, you need to take on the Gym Challenge. In this case, you need to battle through a gauntlet of three Double Battles. Use Dark and Ghost-type attacks throughout these fights. Have your two strongest Pokemon at the top of your party, so you can automatically use these on each round. If you knock out one of the trainer’s Pokémon, you get an attack boost. If one of your Pokémon is knocked out, your opponent gets a stat boost. Specifically, you get a boon to both Attack and Special Attack. I threw in Arcanine and Murkrow at Level 43 each, they did amazingly well. Just be sure not to bring Ghost-types to these fights, though Dark-types with Ghost moves are pretty good. I gave my Murkrow a Spell Tag to hold to boost their Ghost move, dealing with other Ghosts a bit better.

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Here’s the order of Trainers you’re going to face:

  • Tas – Lvl 40 Shuppet Lvl 40 Greavard
  • Lani – Lvl 40  Haunter Lvl 40 Misdreavus
  • MC Sledge –  Lvl 40 Sableye Lvl 40 Drifblim

Shuppet and Greavard are just raw tanks and you need to focus fire them down. Throw Dark moves into them to get them down quickly. Haunter is a pretty big threat in the second battle thanks to Curse, get rid of it first. If you get lucky and crit it, you’re going great. Focus all your fire on Drifblim, as it has a Self-Destruct ability that can easily wipe your team. Take it out ASAP. If you’re struggling with Drifblim, trying a Rock-type move like Stone Edge can be good if you have it set up. Once you win, head back to the Gym and talk to the receptionist to challenge the Leader.

How To Beat Gym Leader Ryme, The Ghost-type Gym Leader

Montenevera Gym in Scarlet and Violet Leader

Here’s what the Gym Leader uses:

  • Lv. 41 Banette
  • Lv. 41 Mimikyu
  • Lv. 41 Houndstone
  • Lv. 42 Toxtricity

Donphan is a good ground option to deal with Toxtricity. Houndstone and Banette should be countered with Dark Types like Mukrow or Mabosstiff. Bring a few heals like Hyper Potions or Full Restores to keep them in the fight after you take out Ryme’s first couple of Pokemon.

Mimikyu will use Light Screen to tank incoming damage then use Shadow Sneak to set up its actual attack with Slash, and its Fairy typing makes it harder to take on with Dark moves. Bring a Steel-type move to counter this one entry. Banette is another Speed-focused monster that has multiple elemental moves with Icy Wind and Sucker Punch. It can counter Ghost types very easily, as well a 2x bonus against Dragon-types. Houndstone loves to vanish with Phantom Force, so focus on taking it out first before it can flee.

Having finished the Montenevera Gym in Scarlet and Violet, you get your hands on TM114 Shadow Ball and with 6 Gym Badges, you’ll be able to control and catch Pokemon up to LV. 50 without issue.

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