False Dragon Titan Guide (Tatsugiri/Dondozo)

How to beat the False Dragon Titan

The False Dragon Titan (Tatsugiri and Dondozo) is one of the five Titans you must defeat in the Path of Legends storyline in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and it’s not going to be easy. The final battle in the Path of Legends main storyline is a huge shift in difficulty. The massive duo of Tatsugiri/Dondozo is a very challenging dual-Type fight that can deal a ton of damage.

You should tackle this fight after beating the other Titans, as well as the 8 mainline Gyms. That means the Ice Gym and Ortega’s Fairy Crew just before taking this boss on. This is meant to be the final wall you take down before the Elite Four, so you need to prepare accordingly. It is highly recommended to be at least level 55 before you take this monster on, otherwise it will be very hard to withstand its attacks.

How to find the False Dragon Titan

The False Dragon Titan is a huge boss, but it can be kind of hard to get to them. You need to have some upgrades for your mount to be able to reach the area. The Titan is floating around inside Casseroya Lake, so you at least need the High Jump and Swim upgrade for your Koraidon/Mariadon to get to this spot.  You can reach the boss mostly easily by taking the path North of Medali.  Jump across the river that runs though your path, then turn towards the lake. You may need to hop up some rocks to get to the water. Once you reach the water, head out into the lake and look for the giant boss.

There’s another fast path to reach the False Dragon Titan by fast traveling to the Glaseado Mountain Pokemon Center. Then leap off the mountain in the direction of the Watchtower by Casseroya Lake. Use the Glide ability to land on the water. This area has level 55 Pokemon that are good to train against as well. You can then leap from this cliff and glide towards the island where the Titan spawns. Look for the Tatsugiri that’s bigger than the rest, and says Taitaan when you get close.

How to beat the False Dragon Titan

Dondozo is a Water Type Pokémon, but he does have Dragon-type moves as well. Fairy-type moves will be great here for most of their attacks, Bringing something like Mimiku or Azumarill can be good here. Electric and Grass types like Raichu or the Grass starter can be good as a backup against Dodonzo. However, they deal reduced damage to Dragon-type Pokemon so they have little utility against the second boss. The second boss also has Muddy Water to counter certain other types, so watch out for that one. Mimikyu’s Ability Disguise allows it to avoid damage once per fight, making it a bit tankier than you would expect. And since its Fairy-type makes it immune to Order Up, it’s a good clutch tank.

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The first phase will happen when you find the Tatsugiri, when you need to chase it towards the bigger island in the lake. Arven will show up at this point to help you out. Electric or grass will be a good option in these first two phases.

False Dragon Titan Phase 2

This is also the first Titan battle that’s three phases, you will fight Dondozo twice, then Tatsugiri will come out as a secondary boss. This fight can be pretty tough if you don’t use the right moves, so bring a Fairy type for phase 3, and hit those weaknesses. Ice and Fairy moves are what you really want.

Here’s the moveset you’re going to face:

  • Dodonzo: Level 55 – Type: Water – Moves: Aqua Tail, Water Pulse, Order Up, Body Slam
  • Tatsugiri: Level 55 – Type: Dragon/Water – Moves: Taunt, Icy Wind, Dragon Pulse, Muddy Water

Beating this boss will unlock the Spicy Herba Mystica, and the final storyline upgrade for your Legendary. He will no longer slide down cliffs, making world navigation so much easier.

Once you’ve beaten the Titan, it will respawn on the island at the center of the lake. You can then attempt to catch it. Be sure to turn off autosave in case you fail. Drop a save before engaging and you can keep retrying. Be sure to inflict status effects to increase your chance of a successful capture.

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