Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Cascarrafa Gym – Water Badge, How To Beat Leader Kofu

How To Beat Gym Leader Kofu, The Water-type Gym Leader

Just like in the previous mainline games in the franchise, the journey to become a great Trainer via the Gym challenge is back. Trainers need to collect badges to take on Elite Trainers and become the new Champion of the Paldea region. That’s a lot easier said than done. Trainers looking to make it through the Academy have a tough road ahead of them, as these Gyms are no pushovers.

This guide will help you learn the tips and tricks you need to beat the Cascarrafa Gym and bring down its leader Kofu. The Gym is a Water-focused one, and should be taken on third out of the main Gyms. You should be able to command level 30 Pokemon by the time you face this task.

Where To Find Kofu

There’s a few other things to take on as well. Operation Starfall is one sidequest in the game. And you actually need to get past the Dark Base of Segin Squad to reach Kofu’s Gym, so be sure to read the linked guide on that. Now, keep reading to learn more about Kofu and his Gym.

This Water-type Gym can be found in Cascarrafa, just past West Province (Area One). You will find it just past the Segin Squad base, so beat that challenge first. As you approach, the Gym Leader Kofu will run out of the gym and the person behind the desk will run out after him. It turns out Kofu has lost his wallet and needs your help in finding it. But that’s only part of the problem. You also need to take on the actual Gym Test, which is a bit more complicated.

Leave Cascaraffa from the north entrance, heading straight for the Asado Desert. This is also a good time to train a bit and gain some levels, You need at least a couple of Pokemon approaching level 30 to overcome this boss.

As for what to expect from the Gym, first, you need to know about the Gym Challenge. Each gym in Scarlet and Violet has a simple task you must complete to challenge the Gym Leader. In the case of the Cascarrafa Gym, you need to actually find him.  When you reach the Port Marinada, you will need to return the Leader’s wallet to him. But before you can, another Trainer ambushes you. He has two Level 28 Pokemon, a Clauncher and a Floatzel. Floatzel is a pure Water-type evolution, but does have some powerful abilities. Clauncher is the bigger threat here, as its stats allow its attacks to hit much harder.

The gym Leader is very much dedicated to cooking, so much so that he’s wiling to spend tons of cash on rare ingredients. He can be found at the auction house in Port Marinada, bidding on rare stuff.  Kofu gives you 50,000 Poké Dollars, and all you have to do is refresh the options until one for 50,000 comes up, then buy it. The easiest way to get this done is to bid in small amounts of around 5,000 each time until you win. The game is pretty forgiving, so don’t worry too much about winning right away. Once you’ve won the Gym Test, it’s time for battle. Head back to Cascaraffa and get ready.

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How To Beat Gym Leader Kofu, The Water-type Gym Leader

Beating this gym can be pretty tough if you’ve just come from beating the Dark Base, as the level jump is pretty big. We’re talking about a full 10 levels of difference between Giacomo and Kofu, so there’s going to be some training in your near future if that applies to you. Prep is the key here, so get to leveling ASAP. Keep reading to learn what types to bring.

What Pokemon should I bring?

Being a Gym meant for Trainers on their third or fourth badge, and focused on Water types, there’s some pretty clear advice here. You will want at least one or two Pokemon of the right type leveled to 29 or higher. If you’re still on the second badge, don’t level them past level 30, as it makes fighting much harder when they don’t listen to your commands. instead, swap out lower-level Pokemon and level them to a point where you can reliably beat the level 28+ Pokemon around Port Marinada. Just hang around the Pokemon Center and farm wins until your chosen team is around levels 27-30.

Since the city rests on the southeast side of the Asado Desert, you can head there to train as well. The Rufflet in the Desert outside of town range in level from 21-25, and can be effective cannon fodder for Electric-types.  Pikachu and Pawmo are great options here. Bringing some Grass-types can’t hurt either. Here are some basic options for what you can bring against this Water Gym:

  • Pawmo (Electric)
  • Pikachu (Electric)
  • Skiploom (Grass/Flying)
  • Steenee (Grass)
  • Skiddo (Grass)
  • Any Psychic or Fire type

Here is the breakdown of Kofu’s team:

  • Wugtrio – Level 29 – Water
  • Veluza – Level 29 – Water/Psychic
  • Crabominable – Level 30 – Fighting/Ice

The key to countering Kofu is to be ready to swap in a counter when Crabominable comes out. A Fire type will get damage bonuses against his Ice type, and a Psychic will get a bonus against his Fighting type. Using a very fast Pokemon to outspeed his moves, along with a good Type advantage, is a great way to win.

Beating the Gym leader will grant you TM 22 Chilling Water, as well as progress in the game’s story.

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