How Do Feathers Work in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How Do Feathers Work?

The process of training a powerful team of Pokemon is super important for players who want to get into PvP and competitive play. And in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there’s a big amount of gamers rushing to make the most effective team that they can. There’s a lot of new mechanics in the game this time around, so learning what works and what doesn’t is key to doing well in the scene for this hot new Switch title.

Not only are you a new Trainer in an elite academy complete with classes and tests, but you’re also getting charged with taking down Team Star and various powerful Gym Leaders at the same time. Getting prepared for that task involves maxing out your stats on your team. And with Feathers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there’s a new way to help your team get stronger. These feathers are useful in large numbers, and are a good secondary source to assist the player in powering up their Pokemon So let’s get into it!

How do Feathers n Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Work?

  • Clever Feather – Increases base points for a Pokemon’s Sp. Def stat by +1
  • Genius Feather – Increases the base Sp. Atk stat +1 of a single Pokemon by +1.
  • Health Feather – Increases base points for a Pokemon’s HP stat by +1.
  • Muscle Feather – Increases base points for a Pokemon’s Attack stat by +1.\
  • Resist Feather – Increases base points for a Pokemon’s Defense stat by +1.
  • Swift Feather – Increases base points for a Pokemon’s Speed stat by +1.
  • Pretty Feather – Has no effect on Pokemon. Can be sold for 500 Poke Dollars.

These are very similar to the stat drinks such as Zinc and Protein from the previous generations. Using these will add Effort Values to the monster it’s given to. It’s a basic process, and you can only use so many feathers per party member. So you can’t just dump tons of money into maxing out EVs too early in the game. Still, it’s a good idea to use these to help speed up effective training.

For players that may be newer to the series, or perhaps long term fans that have not touched the competitive side of Pokemon until now, EVs, short for Effort Value, is a value that scales your Pokemon’s stats based on what they do in battle. When you defeat a monster out in the wild, the winner gains a point in their EV based on the Pokemon defeated. You can gain up to 510 EVs throughout the course of the game,  and farming the right EVs is vital for scaling your stats to their absolute max. Pokemon gain EVs by fighting wild Pokemon, through vitamins given to them, and through feathers. For example, if you’re training a monster that relies on Speed like Pikachu to make some of its abilities more effective, you need tons of Speed EVs.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How Do Feathers Work?

Where to find Feathers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The most common way to find feathers in the early game is to grab them from Terra Raids. Anytime you win a Tera Raid, you get a bundle of rewards, whether you capture the Pokemon or not. Often, these will be TMs, Materials, Treasure items and of course, feathers. The problem with farming a ton of these is that Tera Raids aren’t super common, as they only spawn a few times in each zone.

Depending on the tier of the Raid, you earn more rewards. At the basic level, you might only get one feather, tighter rewards are found in tougher battles. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 1 Star: 1 Item per stack
  • 2 Star: 1 Item per stack
  • 3 Star: 1-3 Items per stack
  • 4 Star: 1-3 Items per stack
  • 5 Star: 2-5 Items per stack
  • 6 Star: 2-5 Items per stack

If you’re trying to train a powerful team, you will need lots of these feathers. There is one other way to find plenty of these feathers. Head over to the big lake at Casseroya Lake and get on the water. Like other random items spawns in the game, you will want to look for the little golden sparkles. When you examine the glitter out on the water, you will often get a Feather.


Players can then simply continue to wander around the lake and see lots of sparkling items sitting on the water. You must defeat the Open Sky Titan in the first west area and unlock the Move Across Water. Without this, you won’t be able to actually get to the sparkles out on the water.

There’s one other location you can check to get more, just be sure to bring plenty of Pokédollars. You can also head to Porto Marinada on the western side of the map. Right in the center of town you will find a vendor there in Porto Marinada central, Feathers are sometimes offered on Bid.

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