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V Rising

V Rising is the hit new game this week. Many players are likening it to other crafting-focused open-world games, like Valheim. But really, it’s so much more than just that kind of game, but with fangs. The crafting is a huge part of it still, and it’s tons of fun. And as with any self-respecting survival game, you’ll need to do a lot of farming for crafting materials so you can build up your base and keep it from decaying.

Getting new items and gear to kit out your base with is a huge deal in this game.  The ability to get a better base is key as you need it to gain new gear and abilities. Your hub is basically the source of all your powers. You also get to upgrade that base with various facilities. You can unlock fast travel using the Vampire Waygate, for example.

One of the other common elements of V Rising is the quest for resources. Iron, Sulphur and more are all used in varying amounts in many recipes. Building both new base upgrades and items often requires a bunch of basic materials. Iron Ore in V Rising is one of the most common. Iron and Copper are the two most basic components. Keep reading to figure out where to look to get the most of these items.

Best Place To Find Iron Ore In V Rising

All the ore items in the game can be found in mining nodes. If you hover over a zone in the map, it will list possible resource drops within that area. Basic materials like Iron and Copper are all over the place, To gather iron you will need a copper mace. This will allow you to break off chunks from the ore nodes you find.

The best place to get Iron Ore is at the Haunted Iron Mine. This is a relatively high-level area, and you need around 30-34 gear score to make it through without too much trouble. The one enemy you desperately want to avoid is Meredith the Bright Archer. They are incredibly lethal to underdeveloped players. This area has ore nodes all over, and they respawn pretty regularly.

Once you have iron, take it to the Smithy back at base to turn it into Ingots. A single Iron ingot requires 20 Iron ore to create. You can unlock Iron weapon patterns either via Study with research scrolls or by getting the recipes from loot drops.

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