What does the Lure enchantment in Minecraft do?

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Lure is an enchantment that can only be applied to Fishing Rods. It has a very basic, but very useful, effect. The Lure enchantment in Minecraft is used to make it so fishing goes faster. There are a total of three levels to Lure. Lure is an enchantment that decreases the wait time for a bite on the hook. Each level decreases the time to wait.

For each level of the enchant, you can reduce the wait time per bit by about 5 seconds per level. This means you can get a maximum reduction of 15 seconds with the rarest version. You can also get bonuses to fishing wait times by fishing in dark or shaded areas, but the Lure III enchant is a much bigger bonus.

So how do you get it? Of course, you need an Enchantment Table to make this work. There’s no set way to get the enchantment, as it’s all luck-based. Keep hitting the Enchantment Table until you get Aqua Affinity I and you’re good to go. Also, make sure you have the full 15 Bookcases surrounding the table, as that unlocks the full range of enchants.

Lure does not have any effect on the type of items you reel in. To get the best possible drops, you need a few other enchants. Mending I will make it so the Rod lasts a lot longer. Luck of the Sea increases the drop rate for rare drops via fishing. You will notice that with these enchants, you get a lot more rare items like enchant books.

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Get both the Lure and Luck of the Sea enchantments on the fishing pole to make fishing for rare drops much faster. If you’re after something like the Aqua Affinity book, this is the way to go.

Be careful out near the water though, those Drowned can be very vicious indeed. But if you’re after Tridents, these can be fun to hunt if you’re fully armored up.

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