How To Beat The Open Sky Titan

How To Beat The Open Sky Titan

When you first meet Arven in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, he mentions these weird monsters called Titans. They are causing chaos across the Paldea region, and he’s asking you to help deal with the problem. There are four of these bosses in the game, and they can be quite challenging. Being different from the Tera Raids you’re used to, these bosses have multiple phases and unique movesets. They can be quite lethal if you bring the wrong Pokémon, so know what you’re doing ahead of time with our guide.

The Open Sky Titan, also known as Bombirdier, is a larger version of the Pokemon #290 Bombirdier that lives in the western regions of Paldea. It’s the first of the four titan bosses you are likely to face in the game. Arven will show up part way through to help you out, and will then unlock the rest of their associated quest to take on. But first, you need to deal with this big bird. Beating the Open Sky Titan in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet isn’t too hard, as long as you know how to prepare.

Where To Find The Open Sky Titan

You can find it in West Province (Area One). The easiest way to reach this zone early in the game is to start at Cortondo and keep following the road west. You will evntuially hit the West Province (Area One) Central Pokéstop, be sure to stop at the center here to unlock it for fast travel.

Head northwest along the road, and you will eventually see a path to your left that has a ton of rolling boulders falling down it. Up at the top of this path is the Open Sky Titan, but first, you have to navigate this treacherous path. Hop on your rideable Pokemon and be quick. You should be able to stick to the sides of the path and avoid the tumbling stones. A couple of times, you may need to use the rocks to block boulders. Just time your movements between the boulders and you’ll be fine.

How To Beat The Open Sky Titan

Bombirdier is a dual Flying/Dark-type Pokémon, and despite its size, it’s not too tough. Bombirdier will also be immune to both Ground and Psychic-type moves, so avoid those. Any move that’s effective can get you through, but the key here is to bring a Pokémon that’s not weak against its moves. Be careful bringing things that are weak to Flying and Rock moves, as those are the ones most often used by this boss.

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The Open Sky Titan in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is weak to the following types:

  • Rock
  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Fairy

Bring something that’s not weak to its main types and you will be fine. Be careful when it enters its second phase, as it has a move that can KO you if you bring something like a Flying type. Specifically, Bombirdier has access to the move Rock Throw, so avoid using Fire and Flying types that take double damage from Rock Throw. The only you can avoid losing to this trap move is if your Pokemon manages to grit their way through an instant KO. You will know this happens when you get a message about the Pokemon avoiding fainting to avoid making you sad. Don’t count on this happening though, as it’s tied to Friendship and not guaranteed to happen.

Here are the moves it will use:

  • Rock Throw
  • Pluck
  • Wing Attack
  • Torment

The first phase of the fight is pretty easy, just hit the boss and keep your mon alive. Once you drain its HP it will trigger phase two. The boss will head over and smash open a nearby wall, before consuming a special item called the Herba Mystica. At this point, Arven will show up and help you battle the newly healed boss.  He will send out a Lvl. 19 Nacli and the fight will be very similar to a Tera Raid. Once you drain its HP the second time, you win! Now, you get to collect your reward.

How To Beat The Open Sky Titan


Following these tips and strategies, you can defeat the legendary Open Sky Titan in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet very easily. When you finally beat the monster, a cutscene will play with you and Arven hunting for another Herba Mystica. A quite funny cutscene will play with you and Arven making a special Sandwich with the new herbs. Choose the option to give your Pokemon the sandwich and you will unlock a new ability for your rideable legendary, the ability to ride on water.

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