Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: How To Beat Quaking Earth Titan Guide

How To Beat Quaking Earth Titan

The Quaking Earth Titan comes after you beat the Ghost-type Gym in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, and it’s a doozy of a fight. The version of the Quaking Earth Titan that you face within the game will vary based on the game that you’re playing. . If you are in Pokemon Violet, you will fight Future Donphan, aka Iron Treads. And Scarlet players will face Past Donphan, aka Great Tusk. Both versions have the same Type breakdown, so this guide applies universally.

As for finding it, that’s pretty easy. You will find the Titan lurking around its map marker in the Asado Desert. This area is right by the same city that fourth Gym, the Water Gym is found in. The Titan spawns on the western side of the desert.

The average level for trainers is the early twenties, and a majority of the wild Pokémon will be between levels 21 and 25.  By this point in the game, you should have already beaten the handful of Trainers here, and should have no trouble with any of the wild Pokemon.

Before you go anywhere near the Asado Desert, you should be prepared. The fight will be against a level 44 Pokemon will be pretty tough if you bring the wrong time. The type will vary a bit based on the type of monster you’re facing. Great Tusk will also have the fighting type, while Iron Tread will be a Ground-Steel type.

Quaking Earth Titan

How To Beat Quaking Earth Titan

Dual-typing makes it a bit weird to deal with, as you need to bring moves that can deal 4x damage if you really want to rush through the boss. But really, you will be fine if you’re just fine using a Pokemon that has a 2x advantage against the boss.

Here are the best weaknesses for Great Tusk:

  • Water
  • Grass
  • Ice
  • Psychic
  • Fairy

Iron Tread will be most weak against:

  • Water
  • Fighting

It should go without saying, but don’t bring Electric or Fire or Flying types to this fight. Fire is weak to Ground moves, making it only really useful if you have something like Arcanine. In that case, use Arcanine’s speed to deal quick damage with its most powerful moves, and allow it to soak up some damage from the boss, before swapping in one of your more fitting types. And while Flying does have some immunity to Ground moves, the types of moves that the boss uses will generally overcome this issue. And since it has a Dark-Type move, bringing something like Skeliderge is an extra-bad idea, as its Ghost-type is weak to the boss’ Knock Off.

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As far as what the actual battle will look like, it’s very similar to the previous Titan fights against the likes of the Open Sky Titan and Lurking Steel Titan that you should have already overcome.

Water types will work best as a general option, so that means Golduck and Azumarill are good options. Bring something that can do Hydro Pump, and set up the Quaking Titan to get decimated by it. The way I handled the battle was to bring Azumarill and lead with a Level 45 Donphan. Let Donphan soak up some damage and get in some early strikes in the first phase, allowing Azumarill to save its strength for phase two. Phase one is defined by how often the Titan uses Rapid Spin, which will increase its Speed. One option that could be useful is if you have a team member that has Intimidate, this will help cut the incoming DPS from the boss right off the bat. That way, you don’t have to worry as much about Rapid Spin.

Assuming you follow our advice, you should be able to easily find the Titan and beat it in round one. The boss will then run off to a cave and eat the Herba Mystica to grow even stronger.  Arven once again shows up to help out. Arven’s Scovillain, a grass-fire type, is a decent help for dealing damage, but also soaking up a few attacks from the Titan. Be careful about using AoE moves, as they could KO Arven’s Pokemon, leaving you to fight on alone.

Whittle away at the boss until it goes down, and you will get another cutscene with Arven, as well as a power-up for Koraidon/Miraidon. This one will unlock their ability to glide off of the higher jump ability.

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