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How to find the Manhole hook in Paper Mario: The Origami King

How to find the Manhole hook in Paper Mario: The Origami King

As you get into Toad Town in Paper Mario: The Origami King, you will see that there are some new tasks to take on. This is the site fo the first massive Goomba boss, and after you take that down there’s more work to be done. You will also find Peach’s Castle here as well, which involves its own little questline. There’s a broken bridge in the way, and you need to fix that as well.

The first stop for this process is the small house that’s on the left side of the broken bridge. You will find a shy guy inside that you need to free from his predicament. If you do this, he will reveal the sewer entrance to reach Peach’s Castle. The entrance is basically a metal grate on the ground inside the house, in case you miss it. Problem is, You need a manhole hook to open it, so here’s how to get the Manhole hook in Paper Mario: The Origami King.

That first shy guy will give you a tip to find it, look for another shy guy. Head back out into the town and go south, you will find the shy guy you’re looking for in the mouth of a giant Goomba. You first need to use confetti on the broken door to get near to the Goomba. If you need confetti, you can find flowers near the sewer entrance building and around town.

Once that’s done, go inside the building and use your hammer on the drawer to open up the cabinet. Use that to jump out the window. From here you actually need to fight the Goomba. Just wait until each time he turns around and exposes the sticker on his back. Wait for that to show up and smash it a few times, boss done.

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And after all of that trouble, the Manhole hook isn’t even in the original location, it’s down at the docks.

Head to the opposite side of town and look inside the red brick building on the right side of town. There’s a shelf in there you need to strike repeatedly to get the next bit. This process will reveal a box that holds an 1,000-fold arms symbol. Use that to tear through into the next room. There will be another Goomba battle on the other side.

Finally, you’re within spitting distance of the Manhole hook in Paper Mario: The Origami King. You need to climb the nearby shelves and grab the hook. Do this by knocking down the green stairs on the right and using them to make your way up.

And if you need a video guide, here’s one down below that lays out the location.



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