Shark stats mean in Maneater explained

Guide to shark stats in Maneater

The sharks in Maneater are your personification of death and bloodshed. You won’t be needing a bigger boat, your prey will be needing to swim faster though. In this new game from Tripwire Interactive you play as a newly spawned juvenile shark on the hunt. As you hunt the various aquatic environs, you will consume mountains of humans, fish and other prey on your way to the top of the food chain.

As you hunt prey in Maneater, you will also notice that there are various stats that you will have to pay attention to. Enemies and bosses in the game have their own stats and tactics, and you will need to eat all of them. As you gobble up more meals and collectibles, you’ll get stronger. The more you grow into an Adult or even Elder shark, the better you become at swimming, biting and jumping. You will need all of these stats to complete the game, so let’s talk about what the shark stats mean in Maneater.

Go into the menus and take a look at the Evolutions tab. From this menu you will see each of the shark stats mean in Maneater in action. There are a bunch of different stats that have an impact on gameplay, so let’s run through them. Within the Evolution menu you can also bolt-on various parts to improve your stats. Better damage and speed are always good choices, but your evolutions can be taken in any direction you like.

You will see your level and life stage on this screen. But for our purposes there are five stats to look at Mass, Health, Defense, Damage, and Speed.

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The mass rating of shark is a measure of how effective it is at ramming into thinks. A heavy shark does more damage on impact at full speed. The more score you have in this stat, the more you will be able to take down heavier foes.

Health is a simple measure that determines how much damage you can take. Some Hunters and other bosses deal a ton of damage. The better your health rating, the simpler these fights are.

Defense ties into Health, and shows how much damage absorption you can take. The higher your shark’s defense, the better they are at absorbing blows without taking health damage.

Your shark has a Damage rating too. This stat controls how much of an impact in terms of raw damage bites can do. Your tail stun and other attacks are also affected by this value, but to a lesser degree.

Speed is just the rating for how fast you can swim. The better your shark can build momentum, the better they are at dodging attacks, jumping obstacles and avoiding Hunters. You will want to outrun enemies sometimes, this stat makes that easier.

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