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The Sinking City has been delayed to June

The Sinking City Detective Gameplay Trailer

So it turns out that those reports about the new horror title from Frogwares and Bigben, The Sinking City being delayed were true. Although we got the date slightly wrong. It turns out that this new horror game will land June 27 simultaneously on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The game was originally slated for a release on March 21st, although unexplained changes in the various online retail listings for the game prompted suspicions about a delay. Those speculations turned out to be correct, but there is some good news. The game isn’t being delayed due to major bugs or production issues, but instead to move the title to a more open release schedule where there might be less competition for the limited free time of most gamers. Makes sense to me, I just hope the game is worth the wait.

The detective adventures of Charles W. Reed will take the player to the town of Oakmont to uncover a sinister mystery. The player will need to use all of their sleuthing skills and logical acumen to even begin to unravel this complex case. But of course the unnamed horrors of the Cthulhu mythos won’t make things any easier either. As you track clues and other details, you’ll also unravel a complex web of conspiracy, murder and insanity that will test the limits of your mental fortitude. Can you survive? Will you go crazy? find out when the game releases this June.

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If you want to check out more of the game while you wait, there’s plenty of trailers and other footage to dig through. You can check out the newest gameplay trailer for The Sinking City over here. If you want to see more of this horror game, there’s one of the original trailers from E3 last year. There’s another trailer which highlights the eerily silent game world and digs deep into your psyche. Finally, there’s some developer insights into the environment design and how Frogwares plans to scare your pants off in devious ways.

The Sinking City is due to release June 27 simultaneously on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the announcement trailer for the new release date down below.

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